Impacts and Losses Caused by the Burning of Forests for New Agricultural Land in Riau Archipelago

Impacts and Losses

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Good night companion friend! Here, I want to share about my writing when I was in high school. The thing that I want to post this time is the problem that is happening on the island of Riau. Riau is one of the largest foreign exchange suppliers for Indonesia. But because of the opening of new land by burning the forest, many things ironic happened especially for the people of Riau itself. Here are the impacts that can occur in Riau:

1. Habitat of living creatures that disappears
Riau forest burning that occurs automatically can eliminate the habitat of local animals. Living creatures that live in the forest will be evicted, their survival is disrupted as to interact, find food, breathe and more. Even rumored that there is a tiger that came out of the forest. He searched for another residence instead of his lost residence. Not only the loss of shelter, even the living creatures that exist in the forest can die if he can not escape / save himself. If the animals or plants contained in the forest are scarce, then they can also become extinct. Living creatures that emerge from the forests / search for new habitats because their habitat is damaged will disrupt local people. The disadvantage will be extinction if this continues and there is no further handling. People will also lose their environment because of being displaced by animals that lost their templates.

2. Top soil / horizon will be thinning
forest in Riau is peat forest (peatland = infertile soil). Peat is a non-flammable vegetation even during the dry season. Due to the deliberate nature of the persons involved, they made trenches to drain the peat and burn it. This makes the soil in the forest becomes dry and the soil fertility vegetation is scorched. If the soil becomes dry, eating soil will be difficult to cultivate. So the fertility of the soil will be reduced. And the farmer will use excessive chemicals to fertilize the soil. If the soil fertilizer is excessively exerted it will not be good for further soil fertility. The disadvantage is that the soil vegetation will decrease as the soil will become compressed due to the loss of organic nutrients, and animals that can decompose organic dead nutrients.

3. Large fallen trees

to burn the forest so that can be used as agricultural land big trees in the forest will be overthrown. Trees that could have lived for so many years were deliberately overthrown. Survival that happens will also be disrupted. If this continues to happen forest burning occurs continuously and is not matched by the equivalent improvement we will lose the green area that can produce oxygen and natural resources. Indeed this time it produces a lot of results, but the losses that occur will jau greater. The disadvantage is that existing agricultural land is used as a building and a temporary settlement of forests which should be where other living things to live are actually used, burned to expand agricultural land, in the future, our generation will only assume that the forest is just a mere fairy tale will come they can not find the forest. The absence of forests will cause many losses. Among other floods, landslides, global warming, temperatures are rising.

4. Need for clean water can not be fulfilled
forests are the most important water retaining containers in the continuity of hdup. If forests are continuously spent, no one can automatically retain water either rain or water from the mountains. The existence of water and forest is directly proportional. If the forest is dwindling, then nothing can hold water as a result of the reduced groundwater (artesian). If this continues, then living things will find it difficult to get clean water. Losses resulting from the lack of clean water include public health will be disrupted, disruption of water cycles that affect climate change such as kemauh berkepanjangsan and rain cycle is not stabilized.

5. Public health
because the smoke that occurs will disrupt public health. Diseases such as ARI, cancer, asthma, skin diseases and others. In addition to falling victims of ISPA, Pneumoni, etc. A resident of Kepulauan Meranti District Muhammad Adli (63 years), died after suffering burns on his back, allegedly due to fall on burning peatlands. The losses incurred will be many younger generations who die. So we will lose the young generation to build the nation. Funds to be issued by the government will also be on the rise4. Decreased Productivity
Deliberate forest burning can have a domino effect for the surrounding community. One of the impacts of forest fires in Riau has resulted in decreased agricultural productivity. Indeed, this forest clearing aims for the expansion of agricultural land, but this burning has a very fatal loss. Because of the smoke generated, the plants that should be able to photosynthesize become inhibited, plants will also find it difficult to find water or nutrients due to the depletion of groundwater reserves. The disadvantages of this decline in productivity are the decrease in community income and loss in nominal terms for the surrounding area of ??Riau.

1. Impact on air quality

pollutants of forest burns (deliberately) are much more dangerous than naturally burning forests, because there are chemicals in them such as carbon monoxide (CO) and aldehydes. The disadvantages of pollution smoke generated are disturbed public health, inhibiting plants from being able to photosynthesize.
In addition to the adverse effects of ozone, Nitrogen oxide, Carbon dioxide, and Hydrocarbons. various types of substances can fly away and in this transport are converted into other gases such as ozone, or transform into particles such as nitric and organic oxygen species. The ozone layer can also be torn due to these chemicals. If the ozone layer is torn, temperatures on the face of the earth will rise, there is global warming, and can melt the ice poles as well. In addition, the ultra violet rays will immediately radiate to the earth (nothing is blocking). It can also harm public health such as skin cancer due to ultraviolet light. Subsequent keruguan is the greenhouse effect caused. Because the smoke generated precludes the bouncing heat from the biosphere. So that the heat will bounce back to the surface and can not get out because reflected by the smoke that exists. If this continues to be allowed the greenhouse effect that occurs can melt the ice at the poles, if this happens, the land can sink.

2. Impact on the weather
Dry weather conditions in Riau have the potential to cause a previously small fire point at the bottom of the peat re-ignite forest and land fires. In addition, a new land burner and deliberate forest also helped to make the point of fire widespread. because the combustion occurs then the surrounding temperature will increase. The disadvantages of large forest fires in Riau Province have caused global warming and rising earth temperatures. As the temperature increases, the evaporation that occurs will enlarge and rain will occur, the disadvantage is that water can not be contained, floods can occur.

1. Disturbing the area around

The most severely affected Riau haze is Riau itself, then neighboring areas such as West Sumatra and South Sumatra. Reportedly neighboring areas also jugs exposed to smoke from burning in the forest of Riau. Losses that occur will interfere with cooperation relations between countries or regions because the smoke that occurs inhibit cooperation between regions or countries. Political relations between countries can also be disrupted because neighboring countries will consider Indonesia amateurs in managing the country.

2. Limited food
because of the limited community to beraktifitar outside the home or area, then the community planting activities were hampered. Not only because people who can not do activities suitable for planting activities as usual but because the plants that grow can not be optimal / dead / wilt. The disadvantage of this will lead to a lack of food for the community. Because the stock of food given the government was also limited and did not reach the inland areas. The disadvantage of the lack of food is the prolonged hunger that can cause death.

That is part of the impact that can be generated. Well friend Kompasiana … how do you respond to the problems that are happening in Riau today?

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