In America, Owners of Fake IDs are Fearful of the Police

In America, Owners of Fake IDs are Fearful of the Police

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When shopping in a supermarket in the United States, I see that every liquor buyer must show ID or driver's license to ensure the buyer's age. Only those aged 21 years and over are allowed to buy alcoholic beverages. This is between why there is a fake ID card.

Once I saw a cashier suspecting a buyer. Maybe the age on the ID or SIM does not fit the face. The cashier then asked for the buyer's parent telephone number. Unexpectedly, the prospective buyer hastily left the cashier. Apparently he was "afraid" to get caught as his mother if he wanted to consume liquor. The owner of a fake ID card is more afraid of his mother than the police.

Maybe it's only in the United States that having a fake ID is not considered a "crime." Seller or printer how? In fact, taxpayers are considered to be "protected." Wow, how strange, maybe your word, reader Kompasiana.

ID card in us, same with ID in USA. In addition to the ID issued by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle), a kind of traffic police in ours, the driver's license is also ID. If you have a driver's license, you do not have to have a KTP. SIM is considered at the same time KTP, but have a KTP does not mean automatically can be used as a SIM.

ID card ownership is not governed by Federal law (central government), but differs from state to state. In Florida the owner of a fake ID card can be imprisoned for 5 years and a fine of US $ 5 thousand (Rp65 million). In Louisiana it does not matter having a fake ID card, but it's against the law for the seller. Whereas in Texas, a fake ID card owner violates the law when using it, but a fake ID card seller does not matter, because it is considered a "souvenir."

Login Casino

In our case, the fake ID is used to "cheat," but in the United States it is used for everything. For "underage" children, other than to buy alcoholic beverages or cigarettes, a fake ID card can enter a casino or bar. This place only allows adults over 21 to enter.

Those who have finished high school, aged 19 years and work 40 hours a week are categorized as permanent jobs, so have regular income is a group that is "tempted" to have ID and Driver with a fake identity. Money has, but can not enter the casino or buy liquor or buy a cigarette, eventually a fake ID card as a way out.

For a driver's license, they may have an original when they are 15 years old, but must be accompanied or remedied by parents until the age of 17 years. In some "states," it is only allowed to drive a vehicle until 12 o'clock at night if it has not reached the age of 21 years. So, driving a vehicle from midnight to midnight at 6:00 is considered unlawful for those under legal age.

Buy Used Cars And Weapons

In addition, those who are "obscure" identities or ex-criminals, wear fake IDs to buy used cars, and even firearms. For small-scale dealers or sellers of firearms, they generally do not have a checking device to determine the authenticity of ID cards. So the transaction can be smooth.Moreover, individual sellers of used cars and when "gun show" or bazaar guns, usually check whether the original or fake ID cards are rather loose. Can be easy for those who have a false identity to make a purchase.

There are, of course, some car dealers and firearms sellers, especially large big ones having identification checkers. There's a good dealer, if they get fake ID cards, they just do not want to sell their wares. The owner of a fake ID card was not reported to his mother or the authorities.

But, be careful, there are dealers and sellers of firearms who immediately reported to the police, if the prospective buyer had a fake ID card. Had it happened in Florida, could be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of US $ 5 thousand. It's been a fake ID card history!

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