In Expert Hand, Batik Not Just For Official Event

In Expert Hand, Batik Not Just For Official Event

Image source:×640.jpg – Before the day of batik officially declared by the government of Indonesia republic, batik is already a choice in official dress. After the inauguration of national batik day that is dated October 2 in each year, batik increasingly become a prima donna. From day to day batik is currently not only used for formal occasions only, but batik also been transformed into an outfit that is suitable to wear for a relaxed moment.

Well Ladies, if that has not been an idea and still feel unlikely that batik can be worn for a relaxed moment. You should see Edward Hutabarat's design shown in JFW 2014 which is still going on right now. Appointed The Parang Edo theme, a light greeting for Edward Hutabarat presents 82 outfits in his batik creations made from various designs. Starting from the outfit of batik for the moment relaxing until the collection of batik to be worn on certain events such as mini cocktail party strung in the show pretty senin yesterday.

Although dominated by batik cloth parang motif, but Edward also combine it with other batik motifs from various areas of origin such as batik Pekalongan, Solo, Cirebon and Yogyakarta. Simplicity, sexy, in quality is the word that Edward uses to explain his design. Due to his collection this time Edward does not play much with complicated cutting or with silhouettes and varied designs. Instead, Edward focuses his work on the beauty of batik motifs themselves without having to divide the focus with detail in the form of cutting and design that is too complex.

While the motif of batik which became the main star is also combined with the motifs of brightly colored flora and fauna typical of coastal batik. So that modern impression still felt in the design. In addition to flora and fauna motifs, Edward's last touch was applied to the selection of polka dots motifs to make his collection look more chic. But Edward still trying not to create distraksi too much so that later can make people look so turned away from the motive of batik itself. For this reason, the collection of designers with a second line called Part One Edward Hutabarat is not much found accessories such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Guaranteed after seeing some of the Edrwad Hutabarat collection presented by Vemale, you will be amazed and interested to buy it. Because here Edward invites people to relax with batik. Enjoy the show ladies.
(vem / cjm / dyn)

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