In Madiun, Jokowi distributes a Social Forestry Decree covering an area of 2,890 ha

In Madiun, Jokowi

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) distributed the Forestry Forest Utilization Permit and Forestry Partnership Protection and Protection of 2,890.65 hectares to communities in Madiun, Tulung Agung and Tuban, East Java Province. Later, local residents can use the land to farm.

"Now it's 35 years old, calm (the period of permission) .The task of the brothers now is to work hard so that the land that has been given is beneficial for the welfare of us all," said Jokowi in Madiun, Monday (6/11).

Jokowi added, the government will oversee the land use periodically every six months to one year.

The distribution of the decree was accompanied by the Minister of Environment and Forestry of Siti Nurbaya which included five farmer groups mixed to LMDH Sumber Lestari, Tulung Agung with 663 hectares for 928 families, LMPSDH Wonoreso, Madiun for 520hektar for 58KK and LMPSDH Ngudiwaluyo, Dungus 1,300 hectares for 354 families.

On the same occasion, Jokowi also distributed LMDH (Lembaga Desa Desa Hutan) Rizki Abadi, Madiun covering 297 hectares for 185 families and LMDH Ngimbang Makmur, Tuban 77,25 hectare for 147 kk.

"Please want to planted chocolate please, there are delivered by the Governor of planting iles-iles.If suitable, please, it is good for export but must be treated," said Jokowi.

Jokowi reminds residents who want to collect SK to the bank to calculate carefully so as to restore the installment. If the land is not utilized properly, Jokowi did not hesitate to withdraw the decree.

"Later when we check the land that has been given is productive and planted, produces, the more productive, the more it produces, the mother's father will we prepare again to be given additional again.But before the promise of unproductive, abandoned, it will be revoked, "said Jokowi as reported by Antara.


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