In order for a Sweet Good to Consume When Fasting, Follow These Tips

In order for a Sweet Good to Consume When Fasting, Follow These Tips

Image source: – Sweet food can add energy, and make you become more powerful again. But unfortunately, so desperate to recover quickly power, it turns out some people take it out by eating excessive sweet foods during breaking. In fact, the amount of sweet foods consumed in large quantities will cause insulin spikes in the body. Therefore, it can also make the body to respond to accumulation of fat more quickly. The accumulation of fat in the body faster, in addition to making the body feel uncomfortable, of course this can also cause weight to rise in the month of fasting. So you better eat sweet foods in small portions but often, so the body can adapt and not surprised.

Some bad things if you consume excessive sugar:

Consuming too much sugar can cause high blood pressure, bad cholesterol increases, and triglycerides increase, where this condition will increase the risk of heart disease. In addition to heart disease, another dangerous danger is diabetes.
Sweet foods or drinks in it also contains a lot of addictive substances that make people feel addicted to continue eating them.
Several studies have shown that cancer cells will develop rapidly due to exposure to sweet foods. Sugary foods can increase insulin levels in the body which, in turn, encourage the growth of cancer cells.

Some things to watch out for when eating sweet foods, among others:

Not excessive when taking them.
It is advisable to eat natural sweet foods, because it is not harmful to the body.
Be careful of artificial sweeteners, because it can make the body lack of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and also water.
It is advisable to eat sweet foods that contain complex carbohydrates. Because it takes longer to be processed in the body, so the insulin response in the body also does not jump. Because the insulin response is not high, the body's tendency to save fat is also low. Examples are dates and rice.

Hopefully this information is useful to you and make your fasting smooth. Good luck.

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