In order for Sponges to Wash Ginger Free Sauces, Follow These Tips!

In order for Sponges to Wash Ginger Free Sauces, Follow These Tips!

Image source: – Washing dishes and kitchen utensils with a sponge is very easy. The laundry is quick clean and can be more thrifty soap anyway. But do you know if sponges can be a hotbed of bacteria and germs?

In addition to need to be replaced regularly, there are other things we need to consider for a germ-free dishwashing sponge. Certainly with a germ-free sponge, all dish wash and furniture would be more hygienic. Learn more follow these tips.

Soak Sponges with Soap and Hot Water
After the sponge is finished, it's good to soak it in hot water and anti-germ soap for about 5 minutes. New rinse with water until clean. The point is that sponges that have been used should not be abandoned immediately. It needs to be washed clean.

Do not Soak in Time Dish Washing Soap
If soaked in the remaining dishwashing soap, germs and bacteria will increasingly breed. Once worn, the sponge is either dried or dried in the sun. Store in a dry place, not in a humid place yes.

Sponges need to be changed regularly./Copyright

Wash the Sponge in a Vinegar Solution
This alternative can you try to prevent the breeding of germs and bacteria. Simply soak the sponge in a solution of vinegar, then wash and rinse thoroughly before drying.

Dry with Microwave Assist
If you have a microwave at home, try this one. After the sponge has been washed with anti-bacterial soap and rinsed, put it in the microwave. Then oven for about 2 minutes or until completely dry. After that turn off the microwave, just lift the sponge that has been dry by using a claw.

Separate Sponge Type
It's good that you provide more than one sponge. Separate between the sponge used for washing cutlery and furniture that is super dirty and difficult to clean such as woks and pans. Or provide two sponges, the first sponge to clean the dirt on the cutlery, and a second sponge is used to wash the furniture with a cleaner soap.

Sponge dishwashing do need to be replaced regularly, yes ladies. The cleanliness of the sponge also has an important influence on all the cutlery and furniture that are hygienic.

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