In Pasundan Circle of Friends, Jusuf Kalla orders to keep unity

In Pasundan Circle

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Vice President Jusuf Kalla reminds the nation of Indonesia to be a great and strong nation in foreign countries because of diversity or diversity of tribes and cultures that exist in the country.

"The nation (Indonesia) is strong because we are different," said Jusuf Kalla when opening the 42nd Congress of Pasundan Circle which was held at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, West Java, Friday (21/8).

According to the vice president, he remembered that when he was going to Aceh in the past there was an ambassador of the Iraqi state who wanted to take part with him. When asked why the ambassador wanted to participate, the Iraqi ambassador made an effort to convey to the people of Aceh not to be Arabs but to become Indonesians.

When asked why, the ambassador said that because in Arabic speaking countries have the same language and culture, but instead consists of dozens of countries and each other there is a conflict.

However, continued the ambassador, in Indonesia which has hundreds of languages ??and different cultures, but the Indonesian nation is a united country. "Be a good nation of Indonesia, do not be like us (nation in the Arab region)," he said imitating the ambassador.

Related to Pasundan, Jusuf Kalla stated that the relationship between the Sundanese and Bugis is very close because during the colonial era, many Bugis fighters who dumped the Netherlands to West Java. Meanwhile, when South Sulawesi experienced chaos during the revolution of independence, Siliwangi troops who helped overcome them.

"Such relationships make us a united nation," he said.

He also admitted to the Pasundan Paguyuban aged 102 years, because mass organizations in the community that can last long assessed for being able to develop its human resources with education.

Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan stated, as a 102-year-old organization, Pasundan Circle of Friends has been active in many areas of social law education to the field of women's empowerment.

Chairman of Pasundan Circle of Friends, Didi Turmudzi said that the 42nd Congress of Pasundan Circle was attended by 500 participants, where the trial started in Pangandaran, 28-30 August 2015.

"We are delighted Mr. Jusuf Kalla became an Honorary Member of Pasundan Circle of Friends," said Didi Turmudzi.In the event, Jusuf Kalla also given batik peculiar Pundiuban Pasundan as a sign of Honorary Members. [efd]

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