In the Age of the 20s, It’s That Busy Doing World Leaders from Obama Till Mother Risma

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Being a leader is not an easy job. Especially in the state and world level. Millions of people depend on the wisdom of their decisions. Therefore, not just anyone can be a leader.

World leaders have a leadership spirit that started sowing from youth. They spend time to absorb knowledge and learn from mistakes from the young age. All that helps them mature to be great as it is today.

So how do world leaders spend their youth?

1. Obama Busy Deepen the Religion, Adding Networks Through Social Activities, and Collecting Money To Explore Africa

At the age of 22, Obama successfully graduated from the Political Science Department of Columbia University, New York, and moved to Chicago. In his new city, Obama channeled his concern for social welfare by rebuilding the economies of the South Side, Chicago, who suffered from the closure of the steel mills where they worked.

After dedicating himself to Chicago, Obama intends to continue his studies at Harvard Law School. But before his studies began, Obama spent his time joining Trinity United Church of Christ and deepening Christianity. He also visited his relatives in Kenya, which he rarely met.

To calm down before going on to study seems to be a surefire way for Obama. The proof, he was elected as the first African-American editor in the influential journal of Harvard Law Review right at the age of 29 years.

2. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin Strengthen his Plans to Become Spy Agent

Putin's intelligence can not be hidden. A teacher who realizes that intelligence then triggers Putin to better achievement. At the end of his school term, Putin successfully joined the influential youngster organization in the Soviet Union, Young Pioneer. and became one of the organizational leadership candidates.

Putin someone who is hardworking when already berenjana. His desire was to become a state intelligence officer, and he really did pursue his career steadily. Starting from law school at Leningrad State University and KGB School, until finally getting a job as an officer in the counter-intelligence division. When Putin had wanted something, he had to get it.

3. British Prime Minister David Cameron already knows what he wants since he became a student. Once Graduated, he was Directly Recruited Becoming a British Prime Minister's AdvisorThe British Prime Minister seems to be born with a brilliant mind. Cameron successfully graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford, with a first class honors degree (summa cum laude). He immediately began his career in politics as a research employee in the Conservative Party of England.

During his 5 years as a research worker, Cameron was rated as an outstanding worker. The proof, when he was 25, Cameron is believed to work directly under the British prime at that time, John Major. A year later he was promoted to special adviser to the Minister of Finance, Norman Lamont.

David Cameron proves that if you have found your renj, focus on it. Do it totally and not halfway. Although there will be many obstacles, but everything will be rewarded with the results you achieve.

4. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has always known what his aspirations are. For that, he's out to jail.

At the age of 21, Hassan Rouhani studied law courts at the University of Tehran for 3 years. Then he continued his master's studies at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. Uniquely, Hassan finance his own lecture, you know! According to him, financing his own lecture will make him more independent and responsible.

Unfortunately, Hassan had to spend his youth in prison for helping Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian revolutionist. It does not matter for him to go in and out of prison for the benefit of the state and his people. In 1979, Hassan's efforts were fruitful. The revolution brought Iran face change from the Shah Shah Monarchy to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, former leader of Iran, was ousted.

5. While Our President, Jokowi, Decides to Get Out of Status as a BUMN Employee and Pioneer Own Enterprises

The elected Indonesian president took advantage of his youth to pioneer efforts in the field of timber. Interest in the wood has been owned Jokowi since childhood. His father was a carpenter and he often helped his father work. Fortunately, Jokowi's intelligence and interests can run in tune. Jokowi successfully accepted at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Gadjah Mada and graduated in 1985, right at the age of 24.

Unable to work in SOEs, Jokowi finally ventured to pioneer his efforts in the field of wood with the name CV Rakabu, 3 years later. Within 1 year, his efforts are quite successful. However, several times Jokowi also had a loss because of being cheated by the buyer. However, Jokowi is not his name if he surrendered. With a little capital given by the mother, Jokowi re-pioneered his business that had lost money from the bottom in 1990.

6. Tri Mrs. Risma Rismaharini No Regrets Has Wrong Major Lecture. Instead, he was looking for ways to get the science he had gotten could be useful.

Risma's dream is actually to become a doctor. But he must yield to the father, who wants him to enter Architecture. Well, if you've taken the course, what else? Risma chose to maximize this new opportunity he achieved.Finally, as a student of Architecture Risma is often asked to assist Surabaya City Government projects. The result is enough to add daily allowance. Through this experience also, Risma has been familiar with the intricacies of the city of Surabaya. It was a provision when the mayor served as it is today. Have you seen how green Surabaya now?

Evidently if their youth is brilliant? While still young, make the most of your time to achieve many achievements. If they can, why do not you? Come on, do not want to lose!

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