In the Cattle Breeding Environment, Many Sweet Fruits I picked

In the Cattle Breeding Environment, Many Sweet Fruits I picked

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Ramadan is the most distinct and special among the 21 years ever passed. Out of a cage called a house then spend Ramadan full of blessings in overseas city, oh yes overseas village too. The trajectory of fate led me to a dairy milk producing village located about an hour from the center of my rantauku city, Malang.

I call it special because 25 of the 30 days of Ramadan I spent a hundred miles from my hometown with a new neighborhood and random friends. Long adaptation is of course necessary to embrace what comfort is. No sweat and tears participate in the role of sweet smile will be a forty-five story cover today.

The touch of the mother's hand that often wakes me from the soundness of a night's sleep certainly no longer exists. But do not worry because God always gives the best advice to his servant. Mother's hand changed with the citizen's appeal that woke me and the team every time the clock showed at 3:00 am. Unlike at home that when one touch can menginishkan dreams that run. Here it takes a few shouts that clashed with the touch of a roommate to save me from the fall of eating meal.

Sahur menu that is usually neatly arranged at the dining table now must switch to handmade women's hand team that mix as easy as possible the ingredients of perfunctory to be a meal menu. Yes. Eating the sahur for a few days kept me out of my cage and fled from the comfort of being at home with my family.

Not only sahur, breaking was always different from home. Just be grateful because there is no mandatory menu to be consumed like home dates. Precisely food that I often avoid become takjil mainstay at the post gorengan. But it seems almost no difference. The fried foods we eat every day are savory and sweetened by the warmth and jokes of laughter.

Do not worry because there will be no more morning and noon just staring at the television and resigned to scratch the cold from the floor. Because there are so many agenda agenda that can be done to kill time and wait for prayer time. And I no longer need to scratch the cold on the floor because we sleep on the ground piled with carpet. If it's hot still stay bathe, guaranteed to be a lot faster than the cold floor.

Mandatory view that is always attached mindful is the mother passing mother who every morning and afternoon brought jumbo aluminum bottle containing milk dairy cow that is placed on the head. How come it does not fall? This greatness we will not be able to imitate because routines and habits can not be bought by anyone.

Now before bed many sounds of supporters. No longer just chanting verses of the Qur'an from the langgar next to the post but also the sound of cows and geckos that do not want to lose. But be thankful that God still allows us to always learn, no longer learn through the expensive books books like the city community. But a little closer to the aura of a simple village.

Let's forget for a moment the soft mattress of the house and enjoy the ground floor on the carpet. Eliminate spoiled spoiled mama for abdominal affairs, Because the menu and all reribetnya we have to prepare it yourself. There was no event back home because as if the village charm does not allow for it. Precisely mingle with the neighbors and village devices become the main food. The demand to be sensitive and care about the surrounding environment becomes its own point. Seven days more than forty-five days together. Signs of a fairy tale must be forcibly closed. Hopefully after coming out of the pot of hot pot named fate, many life lessons are attached to ourselves so that we return no longer be people who are indifferent to the environment, but instead care and promote social self-reliance. Because God's blessings are always enough, more than enough. Why are we still reluctant to be grateful? being just gratitude that adds to the meaningfulness of our pulse every day.

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