In The Necessity of a Myth

In The Necessity of a Myth

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Researcher Walisong0 Information Studies Forum (FKIW) IAIN Walisongo Semarang

Atlantis, a land beyond civilization, was swallowed up by floods

giant on a global scale. Although often considered a myth since triggered

the philosopher Plato, Atlantis became the debate and research of scientists. In the terma

geology, extreme climate change due to global warming is suspected as

the cause of the sinking of Atlantis.

Exactly what happened lately, global warming (global warming)

became accused of the extreme cold temperatures that hit Europe. Temperature exceeds

limits of fairness that reach minus 18 degrees celsius cause mobilization

a number of countries in Europe are paralyzed, and some people are frozen to death.In the National Geographic documentation and other documentaries noted,

global warming melted 19 million tons of ice in Greenland. While in the Arctic,

the volume of ice stayed half of the previous four years. Even on March 6th

2008, an eternal iceberg in Antarctica covering an area of ??414 square kilometers or equivalent

1.5 width of Surabaya city, collapsed. Yet eternal ice is categorized as

Wilkins Ice Self which throughout history can not collapse. In a state of

the current temperature increases, a little more Wilkins Ice Self will sink.

In Indonesia, the symptoms of global warming are felt by farmers with

the uncertain order of prey. Finally the farmers no longer have the certainty

cultivating rice fields that impacted soaring food prices. Anomaly

weather like high rainfall accompanied by storms bring dreamsbad for life. Similarly perceived fishermen, heating up the sea surface

causing fish populations to decrease. Coral reefs and marine biotics too

Extreme cold temperatures are an indication of the threat of polar existence

north (arctic) and south pole (antarctic) as the shield of earth from its fierce

ultraviolet sun. Sharp temperature increase caused by carbon dioxide

continue to steam in the atmosphere due to the burning activity of the industry, vehicles

high emissions, forest fires, and a variety of environmentally unfriendly products.

If the current rate of carbon dioxide emissions is not immediately stopped,

it is thought that the eternal ice at the poles will be destroyed in the not-too-distant future.

If so, the world is in the inevitability of Atlantis myth.

The mainland will be devastated by massive floods due to the melting of eternal ice.Not only that, global warming impacts the destruction of the ozone layer

protecting the Earth from a celestial body, as we see the meteor phenomenon

hit residents residence some time ago. Therefore, the world too

in the inevitability of the doomsday 2012 myth in which floods are global and scale

meteor shower will end earth life.

According to predictions of scientists, the melting of eternal ice is currently running

faster. Therefore, there are two great human agendas to save

earth. First, limiting carbon emissions as the main cause of warming

global. Second, save the life of trees as carbon neutralizer

for subsequently converted to oxygen. Nevertheless, the agenda

other love of the environment is a must, among them buildenvironmental commitment as a good governance character. From the spiritual side,

friendly attitude with nature is the price of death.

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