In the Netherlands, There Are Artificial Villages For Seniors Dementia Sufferers

In the Netherlands, There Are Artificial Villages For Seniors Dementia Sufferers

Image source: – Dementia is neither a disease nor a syndrome. But if a person has dementia, then he should get special care and attention so as not to dazed and emotional.

One of the symptoms of dementia is dementia. But when a person becomes senile, it does not mean he has dementia. Why one should get special attention when experiencing dementia is because usually this causes a person can not think well.

Dementiaville and its homemade posts | Photo copyright

He has trouble troubleshooting and is very likely to become emotional for it. Many elderly people who have dementia are considered like an ordinary elderly. Yvonne van Amerongen who saw this then made the village for people with dementia with five others.

Dementiaville is an artificial village. Complete with home cooking, salon, post office, as a life in general. This is where Yvonne van Amerongen tries to accommodate Dementia sufferers to feel more alive.

Sewing class that is like own home | Photo copyright

Dementia sufferers are accompanied by doctors and assistants who make all patient activities appear normal. For example peeling potatoes together, shopping or to a salon.

Peeling potatoes with a good and loving assistant | Photo copyright

There is also a sewing class that will make them more active and have activities. According to Yvonne van Amerongen, this is better than sitting in a hospital corridor, watching TV and waiting to be called for an examination. With such artificial villages, they will better maintain their memory function and thinking.

To salon first | Photo copyright

What is unique is here also provided Indonesian food. That supposedly said, Indonesian food can make people with dementia is remembered for food childhood.In addition to happy with the atmosphere there, usually patients are also very fond of assistants who take care of them. Not only seniors are here, there are even patients who are still in their 30s. There is also a female worker who often says she is married, has 2 small children.

This place is also criticized for letting patients live in fake reality Photo copyright Jay Williams

But after he left, Yvonne van Amerongen said that his son was an adult and in fact her husband died several years ago. "It's important for us not to correct it." This fake reality keeps it okay, "Yvonne said.

This artificial village has been 20 years inviting controversy for letting the patient be in a fake reality. But on the other hand, this place provides a comfortable and comforting environment for people with Dementia than it is out there.

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