In this country, parking is considered too cheap

In this country, parking is considered too cheap

Image source:, Jakarta – Cheap parking area was creating its own problems. Let's say in Jakarta, the increase in parking rates is considered necessary to move the users of private vehicles to public transport.

And the problem of cheap parking is not just a problem in Indonesia, the parking rates on the streets of Hong Kong are too cheap and not worth the increase in property prices.

Reported by SCMP, the rise in parking rates on the streets of Hong Kong occurred last time in 1994 at a rate of HK $ 8 per hour (equivalent to Rp 13,874). The price is a bargain compared to parking rates on private property, for example the parking lot at Causeway Bay that charges up to HK $ 35 per hour (equivalent to Rp 60,700).

Mirisnya, with the price of cheap parking for vehicles. It turns out to own property is very expensive. Residential flats (nano flats) size is smaller than the parking lot per car.

Flats of extra-small size are reserved for young buyers to be able to buy. As the shadow of the high property prices, a unit of 28.7 square meters priced at HK $ 2.99 million (equivalent to Rp 5.1 billion). Itupun location far from the city center.

As a result of cheap parking space, Hong Kong's income from parking lots has not changed since 1998, which is around HK $ 270 million (equivalent to Rp 468 billion). The price of the parking is too cheap is also used by the unscrupulous, which is used as a land valet parking by restaurants and nightclubs.

The Department of Transport plans to raise parking rates HK $ 20 per hour (equivalent to Rp 34,700). This price adjustment is part of a plan to fix the parking lot, including the use of smart systems that allow for online payments. Another advantage, the driver can check the available parking space via smartphone.

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