In Three Days, 19 Suspected Terrorists Secured

In Three Days, 19 Suspected Terrorists Secured

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JAKARTA, – Police Public Relations Division Head Insp. Gen. Setyo Wasisto said, Anti-terror Detachment 88 Police have conducted preventive measures of terrorism, by cracking down or attacking to prevent the occurrence of acts of terror.

"The number of secured 19 people, from December 9-11," said Setyo met after the promotion ceremony of police officers, in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12/2017).

Setyo said, suspected terrorists secured from the East Java, Pekanbaru, and South Sumatra. Twelve of them are from South Sumatera.

Setyo added that the suspected terrorists who were secured in East Java still had something to do with Abu Jandal terrorist groups. Meanwhile, the suspected terrorist who was secured in Pekanbaru related to the procurement of weapons.

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"Then in South Sumatera that is arrested 12 people, in Mount Gemah Kampar Riau, Later, everything will be brought to Mako Brimob," he said.

Setyo said, efforts to enforce the threat of terrorism continue to be done by the Police. However, ahead of Christmas and the turn of the year, more intensive preventive measures are underway.

"There is no threat to terrorism until now, but we are doing preventive action, cracking or attacking to prevent the experience, the 2000s have Christmas night bombs, and what happened in New York can inspire," Setyo said.

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"Therefore, Densus and all stakeholders anticipate not to happen," he said again.

Setyo hopes the community will play an active role in anticipating terrorist attacks. People are asked to be more sensitive and alert."If there are any suspicious things, immediately report to the nearest police force for the Christmas holidays and the new year is going well," he said.

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