Inafor, Party of Forestry Researchers

Inafor, Party of Forestry Researchers

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Inafor, which stands for International Conference of Indonesia Forestry Researches, was held for the third time on 21-22 October 2015. This time the 3rd Inafor was held at the IPB Convention Center. Inafor officially opened by the Minister of Forestry and the Environment (represented in this case) is organized by the Agency for Research, Development and Innovation (BLI) within the scope of the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment. In his opening remarks delivered by the BLI Secretary, among others said that Inafor should be used as an arena to increase the character of researchers and the quality of researchers and research the scope of BLI in particular and Science in the field of forestry in general.

This time, Inafor took the theme: "Forestry Research to Support Sustainable Timber Production and Self-Sufficiency in food, energy, and water"

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Why is the theme chosen and considered important?

Head of BLI Dr. Henry Bastaman, in his written greeting said that BLI sees 3 (three) things, namely food (food), energy and water are the main components that need to be emphasized as a topic of BLI scope research activities, whose outputs are expected to benefit the community, forestry and supporting the 9 (nine) government programs (known as Nawa Cita).

Through this Inafor event, this English-language conference is planned to present 82 paper papers and 77 poster papers, really becoming the 'party' of researchers. Mutual sharing of research results so that participants who come from various circles can share and gain new sciences from the results of research.

Inafor is held for 2 (two) days, but the echoes, results and benefits are expected to go beyond the problems of forestry.

Congratulations Inafor, congratulations the researchers, congratulate the party of science with the best.

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