Indian diplomats were arrested and stripped naked in America

Indian diplomats were arrested and stripped naked in America

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Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade is the cause of the tension between Hindustan's relations with the United States. The reason he experienced an unpleasant act when arrested with allegations of forgery visas. The woman was stripped naked and claimed to be violent.

CNN television reported on Wednesday (18/12), Khobragade was arrested in the State of New York while trying to take his son to school. Women working as representatives of the Indian consul-general were accused of lying while helping to fill in an Indian citizen visa form brought him to work as a housekeeper.

But in Khobragade's detention via e-mail sent to colleagues at the Indian foreign ministry, he wrote he had dozens of searches and was done like a criminal. "I really suffered as they handcuffed, stripped, and searched my body.I like a cheap criminals despite having diplomatic immunity," he said.

In addition Khobragade accused of not paying women brought it worth it even lower than the minimum wage workers.

For this case Indian authorities have asked US consular officials to return their identity cards in India, withdraw licenses from entering the airport, and remove the security concrete barrier in front of the American embassy in the capital city of New Delhi.

US State Department spokesman Marie Hart said the incident was very trivial and should not damage relations between the two countries. "We are enjoying a deep friendship with India and this small event can be improved," he said.

Authorities arrested Khobragade also said they were doing it on other prisoners. For the sake of knowing this Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khursid is calling for a strong will to restore Khobragade's self-esteem. "We will repatriate him and restore his pride, I will do it in any way," Khursid said.

Indians also reacted violently to American authorities. They immediately asked the government to expel all the superpower officials and refused their request to visit New Delhi.

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