Indigenous People Tagih Janji Jokowi Related Stipulation of Indigenous Forest Area

Indigenous People TagihJAKARTA, – A number of customary law communities and civil society organizations urged the government to immediately establish customary forest areas.

Because the registration of customary forest areas has been filed since October 5, 2015 to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK).

The determination of customary law area was proposed by Marga Serampas customary community in Merangin district, Jambi province, Ammatoa Kajang community in Bulukumba district, South Sulawesi, Lipu Wana Posangke community in Morowali district, Central Sulawesi, and Kasepuhan Karang in Lebak district, Banten.

However, until now KLHK has not yet issued the determination of customary forest area.

Nia Ramdhaniati from The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment said the government should immediately establish customary forests as a manifestation of the commitment of the state to the customary law community.

"The determination of customary forest is also a support for President Jokowi's commitment in completing the target of 12.7 million hectares of forests for the people in his Nawacita program," Nia said in a discussion of Customary Law Community Charged Agreement on Customary Forest Determination at Veteran I Street, Central Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2016).

Nia said, the slow process of determining customary forest is questionable.

According to him, the four customary law communities have fulfilled all the requirements stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment No. LHK. 32 of 2015 on Right Forests to be designated as customary forests.

Director of the Indonesian Conservation Society Warsi, Diki Kurniawan, as well as companion of Marga Serampas indigenous people, said the four customary communities have attached at least three documents.

The three documents are a declaration of application for determination of customary forests, Local Regulations on the Recognition and Protection of Indigenous Peoples, as well as maps of their customary territories and forests.

"They have also passed the verification and validation process by KLHK," said Diki.On the same occasion, Director of HuMa Indonesia Association, Dahniar Adriani said, in Decision of Constitutional Court No. 35 / PUU X / 2012 has stated that customary forest is not part of state forest.

Candy LHK 32/2015 also arranges the same thing.

The absence of the determination of this customary forest, said Dahniar, also contradicts President Joko Widodo's promise that all obstacles in realizing and implementing social forestry will be resolved soon.

"The President even asked the Minister of the Environment and Forestry to immediately simplify the regulations and procedures for social forestry to be easily accessible to the community, paying attention to the rights of indigenous peoples and immediately issuing customary forest decisions, especially those that have fulfilled the requirements," Dahniar said.

Unclear government

Head of Indigenous Administration Ammatoa Kajang, Andi Buyung Labbiriya, admitted to the surprise has not been issued customary forest decree by the government.

According to Andi, while visiting his village, LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya once said that the process of submission of the Ammatoa Kajang area has been completed.

"The Ammatoa customary forest has been visited by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry but it has not been established yet, I feel there is no longer any reason to postpone the decision, even if there is a delay there should be a clear reason," Andi said.

The same thing was also expressed by Sairin, representative of customary law community Marga Sarampas.

Sairin said, for a long time, the people of Marga Sarampas hereditary guard their customary forests.

Merangin Regent had already set the forest area as the customary forest Marga Sarampas."It is now time for the central government to set up customary forests," Sairin said.

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