Indonesia Can Be a Great Country, As Long as The Following Things Are Done

Indonesia Can Be a Great Country, As Long as The Following Things Are Done

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Indonesia is often humiliated by its own people because of too much badness in this country. Is that true? Why the hell noticed the ugly course anyway? Why is it good not to appreciate? So, is it true with how to make criticism can solve all problems in Indonesia? The answer is certainly not. Indonesia needs us all. If we can only criticize without giving a solution, the problems in this country certainly will not be completed. Let us together help the Government by providing solutions.

Here are ways that can make Indonesia a cool country.

1. Corruptors are tortured for life

The death penalty was never applied to people's money thieves. So, what penalties are more suitable for the corruptors? One answer is to punish corruptors for life. With this, the deterrent effect that corruptors feel will be more powerful and make other corruptors do not want to join in to eat the people's money. The government could punish the corruptors by taking all of its corrupt property, imposing large fines, abolishing its political rights, and being locked up in a cell containing only one person.

2. Fair punishment for all

The law in Indonesia is known to be blunt to the top of the taper down. The poor suffer, the rich happy. The judges should act justly and refuse all the money given to rescue the suspect. If the judges were just not honest, then it would be impossible for the law in Indonesia to improve.

3. Firmly on the media

TV shows in Indonesia are mostly just pursuing the rating. The government should be firm by cracking down on all events that are not very educational or potentially damaging to future generations. As with celebrity news, the event is actually completely useless because they cover celebrities not because of their achievements. In addition, content on social media should be more confirmed on copyright. The public of the content owner should dare to report to the police if the content is indicated to be traced by someone else because it is part of the law.

4. Reduce political parties in Indonesia

Political parties in Indonesia are many, but only a few active. The government must emphatically remove the useless political parties for the creation of a perfect democracy. In addition, too many political parties will also cause the Government to spend large budgets and it will further aggravate the people.

5. Reduce the number of DPR seatsThe government does not need to increase the number of seats in the DPR every year because it will only increase the number of corruptors. The government should reduce the number of seats in the House of Representatives because Indonesia needs fewer people but honest and willing to serve the people than many but eat the people's money.

6. No need to visit overseas if the result is the same

Overseas visits under the guise of "comparative studies" are just spending the country's money. The result is zero. No need to visit overseas if only intend to vacation. After all, the ends can bring changes to the region after abroad most ordinary people.

7. Stop the import of goods that we can produce

We have a vast area of ??rice fields. But why is the government still importing rice? Not only rice, too many imported goods are milling into our country. Though we can own production and the quality was fairly good. With that fact we should be able to export large-scale abroad.

8. Minimize the highway, expand the sidewalk

Expanding the highway is not a solution to prevent congestion. With the width of the sidewalk that has a boundary with the highway, impossible motor vehicles will pass on the sidewalk. In addition, street vendors must also be transported to a separate area so as not to disrupt pedestrians. In addition to public transportation facilities must also be repaired so that residents would choose a public vehicle rather than a private vehicle. In this way, undoubtedly air pollution will be reduced and jammed over.

9. Develop hidden tourism potentials

The government should be active in promoting and managing tourism potentials in Indonesia. There are many hidden paradises that we should go to. In addition, the management must also be balanced with strict regulations such as giving fines to tourists if leaving garbage at tourist attractions. In this way, it will undoubtedly increase the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia and revive the citizens' economy.

10. Do not make a diploma as a benchmark to accept employees

Stop depending on the exam results in the diploma when receiving the employee. A diploma is just a formality. Companies need more job applicant skills than their test scores. After all, no one can guarantee that the certificate is genuine.11. Fix education, do not make stressful students

Education is the foundation of a country builder. The government should be active in improving education in Indonesia. Do not make our generation stupid with the high cost of education. Do not make our generation a liar by increasing the standard of graduation each year. Create a comfortable atmosphere in the world of education so that students want to come to school with happiness.

12. Appreciate the hero

The great nation is a nation that values ??its heroes. During this hero fate has been forgotten and displaced due to too modern era. Yet without them, we can not enjoy this modern age. So it is with the fate of the veterans who are very pathetic, and the athletes who have the name of the country, they seemed to be neglected by the Government. Even the hero of the nation's foundation or teacher is also much lesser fate than the people's money-eaters.

13. Maintain a culture with a millennial context

Our culture has been forgotten by the youth. If nobody wants to preserve it, it will be extinct. We must not be late in maintaining the culture. Do not wait for neighboring countries to take our new culture in action. But from now on. Culture can we mated with the current conditions. For example, puppets do not always have to wear the Mahabharata or Ramayana stories. We can use the story favored by teenagers like using the theme of romance. In this way the youth will love culture more and will undoubtedly avoid it from extinction.

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