Indonesia Has Not Maximum Use 30,000 Herbs as Medicines

Indonesia Has Not Maximum Use 30,000 Herbs as Medicines

Image source:, Jakarta Of 30,000 herbs owned by Indonesia only 13,000 types of plants are used for medicine. 13 thousand herbal plants are still for herbal medicine that are only preventive and promotive, said Director of Dexa Laboratories Bimolecular Sciences PT Dexa Medica Raymond Tjandrawinata in Jakarta.

"30,000 herbal raw materials have been used, but only as herbs, 13 thousand are already used, but not yet herbal medicine, but still herbs," he said.

While the use for the production of standardized herbal medicine (OHT) and phytopharmaca or OHT that have been tested in humans about 500 new plants.

Standardized herbal medicine and phytopharmaca is a class of drugs that level curative or can heal. Until now in Indonesia only has eight phytopharmaca drugs that already have a marketing authorization from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), four of them from PT Dexa Medica.

Raymond explains the lack of utilization of herbal plants for OHT or fitofarmaka is due to considerable research investment in cost and eating a long time. "Eight years of new research can get one fitofarmaka," says Raymond.

Besides, there are not many industrial parties interested in developing phytopharmaca drugs because they have not entered National Formulary (Fornas) as a condition of medicine that can be used in National Health Insurance.

"If if the Ministry of Health said that the industry do a lot of research OHT and fitofarmaka and used in Fornas, I'm sure that eight fitofarmaka this could be 80 then 100," he said.

He explained the development of herbal medicine in the field of health could reduce the import of raw materials of drugs that are currently still 90 percent.

By producing herbal medicine, he said, the industry in Indonesia does not need to import raw materials but utilize herbs that grow very much in Indonesia.

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