Indonesia Losses due to Smoke Yesterday = Twice the Cost of Post-Tsunami Reconstruction Aceh

Indonesia Losses dueThe tragedy of forest fires and fumes that hit our country from June to October, has cost the government about Rp221 trillion. This amount is more than twice the government's money for the reconstruction of Aceh after the tsunami in 2004.

Why the loss could be really high, anyway?

According to a report from the World Bank this one, the biggest losses are in the environmental sector. Indonesia lost biohayati diversity to Rp59 trillion. In addition, the smoke generated from illegal forest fires puts Indonesia in the third most pollutant country in the world, just below the United States and China. The difference is that if America and China are polluting because of their industry, we are polluting for burning forests.

In addition to environmental losses, other losses are felt in the field of transportation. Smoke during September and October caused our transportation sector to lose Rp5 trillion. Generally, these losses arise because the process of cargo delivery is hampered because of smoke. Well, losses in the transport sector is then also affect the trade sector, which also lost RP18, 3 trillion.

Because of the smoke, surely deh many potential tourism that eventually failed to work well. It is not impossible also there is a potential traveler who plans to visit Riau or Kalimantan, but not so because of smoke. That is why, our country's tourism sector is losing up to Rp5.5 trillion because of this illegal arson. Is not it crazy?

Not to mention, this year's smoke actually caused the death toll

Recorded 19 people died and more than 500,000 residents exposed to ISPA because of the burning of this illegal land. Losses generated in the health sector to amount to Rp2, 1 trillion. The long-term impact does not count. But yes there certainly is, because research has been showing a correlation between air pollution with increased respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Oh yes. Not only humans and animals, this smoke also makes plants so stressful

Not only humans and animals who lose money because of this illegal burning. Plants can also decrease productivity and quality because of the continuous exposure to smoke. The reason, this continuous exposure turned out to make plants so stressed. Even if the case is already very extreme, the plant can stop producing at all.

So, what's next step? President Jokowi said, it took 3 years to muzzle illegal burning and fix the losses it caused

You will see the results soon, and in three years, we will solve this problem, President Jokowi told the BBC.Smoke is not a problem that can be solved just like that. Moreover, there are many names that stuck in it. From large companies, small farmers, to regents and governors in these smoke-prone areas. The government estimates that this smoke problem can only be resolved within 3 years.

Do you want to 2016. Anyone want to make predictions nope, smoke next year will be like what ya?

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