Indonesia Not So Purpose Hybrid Car Market

Indonesia Not So Purpose Hybrid Car Market

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Although Toyota is expansively boosting the hybrid car market in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has not seen Indonesia as a hybrid market destination in the near future.

TMC's senior managing director Dato Akira Okabe at a dinner with Indonesian and Indian journalists in Nagoya, Japan, said Thursday that there is a lot of preparation for TMC to market hybrid cars in Indonesia.

"The price of hybrid cars is still more expensive than (ordinary cars)," he said. He sees the automotive market in Indonesia is still price sensitive.

In addition, according to him, it also must conduct research to market hybrid cars in Indonesia related to a number of adjustments in various conditions in Indonesia such as fuel, infrastructure, and temperature.

Therefore, Toyota hybrid cars are more widely marketed in developed countries whose infrastructure is as good as the United States, European Union, and Japan's domestic market.

"But gradually we have marketed hybrid cars in Australia, China and Thailand and will slowly reach Indonesia, if Indonesian consumers can accept," Okabe said.

Furthermore, he said, TMC engineers continue to develop hybrid cars to be smaller, more fuel efficient, and cheaper, so that the car can be owned by many people. This is important, as Toyota's program contributes to efforts to minimize the impact of global warming, primarily due to CO2 emissions of motor vehicles.

TMC target in 2010an able to sell hybrid cars as much as 1 million units per year. Since its launch in 1997 until the end of May 2008 sales of toyota hybrid cars reached 1.5 million units. It makes Toyota the leader of the hybrid car market in the world. (kpl / rif)

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