Indonesia’s Abundant Natural Property

Indonesia's Abundant Natural PropertyCitizen6, Pati: Indonesia is a very rich country. The potential of natural wealth is unmatched by any other country. Its natural wealth from the sea, land, and other riches contained in the earth is countless. Of the many reasons why you should love Indonesia, here are 6 reasons:

1. The friendliness of the inhabitants

Friendly, that's what makes this country much visited by foreign tourists. Her hospitality, her typical smile when meeting an outsider, her caring attitude with the people around her, is unlikely to be found in any other country.

2. Culinary typical especially halal

If a visit to another country, as a Muslim would worry about the halal food. So most of us will ask the restaurant owner if there is a halal guarantee from this restaurant. If in Indonesia, almost every store has a guarantee of halal, even ready-to-eat restaurants that are duplicated from outside countries are required to include a halal guarantee on their products. This is possible because most of the population of Indonesia is Muslim.

3. Natural wealth

Traveling all over Indonesia, like seeing the natural wealth of half the world in it. Why not? Because millions of beaches in Indonesia can be found, even served underwater park Bunaken is almost not found in other countries as beautiful as Indonesia. Active or inactive volcanoes are commonly found in this country. Rivers, waterfalls, savannas in the area of ??Nusa Tenggara, even the snow was on top of Jayawijaya Papua.

4. Cultural wealth

Millions of tribes in Indonesia produce an interesting cultural diversity. In fact each tribe of different regions also has its own culture. Example of the Javanese, between Central Java and East Java must be different customs and customs. In Central Java itself, Solo, and Semarang also have their own culture.

5. His sun's wealth

Not many are aware of this sun's richness. The sun that for 12 hours illuminates this country every day can be used for various things. Among them as solar energy, natural dryers of crackers and salted fish, clothes dryers, a variety of plants grow year-round without any winter barrier, and others. Wealth to be grateful, while other citizens in the winter are vying to find the sun to sunbathe, while we can sunbathe at any time.6. The richness of flora and fauna

Tropical country is one of the advantages of this country. The equatorial line that stretches across the country leads to the sun as it can be found, so that plants can grow throughout the year. Various types of tropical plants dominate the country. In addition, a variety of typical fauna also exist in Indonesia, such as rhinoceros rhino, komodo, anoa, and Sumatran tiger.

So which other pleasures can be found elsewhere besides Indonesia? (Isna Tustiyani / mar)

Isna Tustiyani is a citizen reporter.

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