Indonesia’s Forest Damage is getting worse

Indonesia's Forest Damage is getting worseForest damage in Indonesia is getting worse from day to day there will always be forest destruction, even Guinness World Records mention that forest destruction in Indonesia is the fastest in the world. forest destruction in Indonesia is no longer the culprit is human own. Many of the people who deliberately cut down the forest and burn it to make land Real estate. The existence of forests is very needed by humans. Because humans and forests are related to each other. but over time the function of the forest changed. The forest moratorium policy in Indonesia has been running for one year the function of the moratorium itself is to delay deforestation and to improve the procedures for managing forest areas. But it is sometimes vain that forest destruction is still occurring

There are several factors that cause the destruction of forests, namely:

1. Industrial Activities

Lots of industrial activities are damaging the environment and no one will be responsible for the damage it has made. Lots of trees are felled just to get new land to start industrial activities. Then the timber from illegal logging was sold abroad. The industry also plays an important role in preserving the existence of forests.

2. Uncontrolled Forest Felling

Deforestation is still contributing to the rate of forest degradation in Indonesia. Most of the deforestation in Kalimantan, Sumatra and Sulawesi is illegal. In every second there is a tree that is cut down without replanting a new tree, causing damage to the forest ecosystem.

3.Fire Combat with Deliberate

Forest fires that often occur on the island of Sumatra precisely huan in Riau are usually done by humans intentionally, because they just want to get new land from the forest. In Riau there is often a very thick smoke haze caused by the forest fire itself.

The following is the result of the destruction of the forests caused by humans:

1.No land to absorb water

We already know that the function of the forest is as a water catchment area. But if the forest does not exist then there is no good water catchment area. As a result of deforestation, natural disasters such as landslides and floods occur.2. Global Warming

If there is no forest then global warming is increasingly rampant. Because of the other forest functions of absorbing the existing carbon dioxide gas ozone coated that causes the temperature on earth gets hotter. As a result of the increasing heat of the earth is melelehnya ice north and south pole and Greenland. This will lead to rising sea levels faster.

3.The extinct Ecosystem in the Forest

Forest destruction can also be felt by the animals in the forest their ecosystem is damaged so they lose their shelter. So many of these animals enter the human settlement area and many of them die because they can not survive the environment they do not like.

If the condition of forests in Indonesia is getting worse like this, then predicted forest in Indonesia will be bare in year 2050. So what if Indonesia no forest? then we can be sure the air temperature in Indonesia is getting hotter.

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