Industriawan Began Lyrics of Energy Efficient Products

Industriawan Began Lyrics of Energy Efficient Products

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Environmental damage that occurs in various parts of the world more and more aware of various parties, including industrialists, to protect the environment through the creation of products that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Stephen Gunawan, Marketing Manager of PT Simbarco Kencana, the sole distributor of Megaman lamp products from Germany, said in Jakarta on Sunday that this step was the answer in addressing the growing level of atmospheric emissions of 380 ppm (parts per million).

"Even this figure is the worst during the four million years of the earth's age," Stephen said.

It is said that the industrialists need to do a lot of strong research to create environmentally friendly products.

Australia and the UK, for example, agreed from 2010 they will only use energy saving lamps.

He said Indonesia is currently undergoing a very serious change. Climate change, rising electricity and fuel costs and frequent power outages.

According to Stephen, the Megaman lighting manufacturer has been conducting in-depth research to create energy-saving, environmentally friendly yet exciting design lights, called Megaman's Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL).

These German light products, like other countries, recognize the need to reduce carbon, one of which is related to lighting products.

It is said that their superior product ie bulb type bulb (incandescent lamp) Megaman 4 watts equivalent to another bulb lamp 20 watts. As for the product Megaman Clusterlite 40 watts equivalent to other similar lights power 120 watts.

Megaman was produced starting 1994 and is one of the three largest brands in the world's CFL industry.

Stephen explains that Megaman has earned numerous international awards from Siftung Warentest in 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2008 and won the 2005 Design Lighting Award UK (United Kingdom).Currently Megaman products have been distributed in around 80 countries ranging from Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, South Africa to North America. (kpl /

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