Innovation Planting Maize Meetings, Produces High Production

Innovation Planting Maize Meetings, Produces High ProductionSection 1

Corn is an important commodity of agricultural products after rice crop, the role of corn is very large for poultry farming, and 4 legged livestock, as a source of nutritious food that is needed in the animal feed industry, because the productivity of the national corn is still low then the import of maize becomes an option, maize planting spread outside Java island, and livestock feed factory is still concentrated in Java Island and Sumatera Island, causing transportation cost of transportation of maize become expensive and difficult to compete with imported corn, while if talk of quality then local corn better than import maize.

Maize cropping pattern has been determined by the producers of hybrid corn seeds and non hybrids, so to increase production is still very difficult, plus the habit factor of farmers to plant jagungi not with intensive patterns, they still expect rain as a source of water, still traditional, so that the productivity still low, whereas if I studied can still be made a more dense planting pattern, so the population of maize crop can be more in 1 hectare of planting, ordinary plant spacing is 70cm x 40 cm with 2 seeds planting perlubang, 35,000 trees x 2 seeds = 70,000 trees, if it grows, the ordinary grows 80% so the population becomes 56,000 trees per hectare, in its journey many trees are affected by pests, water shortages, and many other factors, let's just lose another 20%, then the rest of the productive plants to 44,800 trees, if the seeds produced 2 corn cobs, it can produce 89,600 tongkol and even then it is only 60% of the cob 2 (farmers usually plant 1 seed cob) suppose 89,600 cobs with the weight of corn pipe 80 gr of the results of the gain of farmers is 7168 kg / hectare, well that if smooth, usually farmers get the harvest below , so as an innovator I was moved to make an innovative cropping pattern meeting.

Cropping pattern of 110 cm x 12.5 cm (double row) x 1 seed of plant propagation = 144,000 trees, where the seeds of maize before planting I sortir first, by way of soaked water that has been given biotechnology innovation as much as 5 ml per 30 kg seed corn for 2 hours, when the corn seeds float, then the seed will be removed (destroyed with the fuel because it already contains a fungicide that has been given by the producers of seeds to avoid sickness) because it can be carelessly will be harmful to the chicken that eat it , after treatment then the corn seed is ready for planting, I attach the supporting photo of this article, so that the compasioner can follow it.

Age of maize 1 week after planting

With the planting pattern of the meeting the need for fertilizer also increases, I use green manure from the Enceng Gondok Weed as the cover of the planting hole when the seeds are planted, the need for 600 kg (homemade fertilizer), so the need for food for seed grows sufficient, given the age of 21 days and 56 days after planting, with each compound fertilizer 2 gr per tree per application (required total 600 kg of NPK + Urea mixed fertilizer), irrigation done every week in summer, and given inundated with alkon pump, Biotechnology application given every 2 weeks as much as 50 ml / hectare as much as 4 times 1 cucumber planting.

Watering by way of water pump from water source with pipe dismantling pairs.

The results can be seen corn crops thrive, large stems and leaves wide, so it can produce high corn corn harvest.

The stem of the plant is large and looks well-maintained

Pattern of corn planting meeting, spacing of 110 cm x 12.5 cm (Double row) = 144,000 trees

The reason for planting dense population maize is the time and area of ??the land remains the same, different is the seed, the pupik and its work more, but still interesting to do massively, intensive pattern must be done so that corn crops are well maintained and good for the view , even so baground for the photos.Mba Lula Kamal took a photo during a visit to the cornfield

After 100 days of corn harvest yielded 14.7 tons / hectare, corn pipine harvesting with moisture content 25%, mathematically can be counted 144.000 trees x 80% (growing population) x 2 cob x 80 gr per cob = 18.432 kg, when the harvest is much reduced and that's normal, so that counted 14.7 tons / hectare is the highest harvest that I get, the cost is out to be worth it, we planted as many as 8 hectares.

Kong Atong is the cultivating innovator of the densest corn, he has been farming since he was young, he is over 70 years old, but still healthy and strong working, his innovation becomes a model for the farmers around him.

This paper just wants to share my experience of planting corn in collaboration with Kong Atong as a technician and I as a technology innovator, with this collaboration to produce an interesting cropping pattern for duplication, of course for the welfare of farmers and increase the productivity of corn crop per hectare, without the need to add planting area, this technology has been tested in North Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Karawang, Bandung to Merauke.

I will write my experience in serialized innovations, I hope this experience is useful for readers, greetings of innovation

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