Instruction Jokowi about KEK Mandalika, from Greening to Bathroom Affairs

Instruction Jokowi aboutLOMBOK TENGAH, – President Joko Widodo instructed several matters related to the operation of the Special Economic Zone (KEK) Mandalika, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

First, President Jokowi asked the local government to do reforestation in the area of ??KEK Mandalika.

"I leave it, Mr. Governor, Regent, Danrem, Pangdam to green the area here, the area is lack of vegetation, planting," said Jokowi when inaugurating KEK Mandalika, Thursday (20/10/2017).

"How many millions of plants would you ask? How many millions of plants do I send," he continued.

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The President specifically requested that the program of greening KEK Mandalika not formality as it has been.

"I leave it too, if nanem is taken care of, do not leave behind, we often plant one million trees, one billion trees, but only three live, never lie to me," said Jokowi.

Secondly, the President also asked the Mandalika KEK manager, PT Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) to prepare a special market for Mandalika souvenirs.

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The President does not want the local community to establish their own souvenir shop so it is not eye-catching.

In fact, the area is intended as one of the international pariwiasta destinations."Do not let people build their own so they are not organized, please prepare the land," said Jokowi.

Third, the President requested that every building built in the Mandalika area be characterized by local indigenous architecture.

It will be a differentiator between Mandalika with other tourism areas, such as Bali.

"The strength of the characters in the building must be raised.Not here many Spanish houses all, we're not Spanish," Jokowi continued.

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Finally, the President asked the managers of the KEK Mandalika and the local government to implement standards for cafes and home stay. Especially for bathroom affairs.

This is important because Mandalika is believed to be flooded with tourists, both from within the country or abroad.

Standard in cafes, hotels to bathrooms solely aims to provide comfort for visitors.

"As long as we start this all from scratch, it should be conceptualized well," said Jokowi.

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