Interesting, This is the Batik Trend that the People Fascinates

Interesting, This is the Batik Trend that the People – The beauty and popularity of batik is no doubt. Even now environmentally friendly batik is becoming a trend among the public. To that end, Yayasan Batik Indonesia held Gelar Batik Nusantara 2017, themed "Pesona Batik Warna Alam". The event is held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Jakarta, on 7-11 June 2017.

"This year we take the theme of batik with natural dyes, because the history of Batik development in Indonesia initially took the staining of biodiversity, such as wood, leaves, fruits to flowers and other plants, which can be made color for batik," said Erna Giatna, Chairman of the 2017 GBN Committee in a press conference at JCC.

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Because, Erna conveyed since the first Indonesian artisans have been using the technique of coloring Batik environmentally friendly with natural ingredients available in Indonesia. Because the selection of natural colors is considered important for Indonesian batik compete in the global market.

Nita Kenzo, as the perpetrator of natural color also explained the first batik craftsmen utilize natural wealth to get the desired color, because before they have not known chemical dyes (indigosol and napthol).

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They use natural materials such as bark of mahogany tree, indigo leaves, mango leaves, secang leaf, orange peel, duwet, mango leaf and many more for more colorful batik.

"Now the more popular with natural color batik, because it has its own privileges: First the color is good, but can not be imitated with bright chemical color The process is complicated because the dyeing repeatedly, if synthetic fast, 1-2 times the dye only," he said.

GBN 2017 followed by about 400 batik craftsmen from all over Indonesia. All batik craftsmen are made up of batik craftsmen from BUMN, Department of Government and also individual craftsmen.

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