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Where do you travel? This is the dilemma that I experienced on Sunday morning yesterday, February 22, 2015. Beneran confused where to go, given that our family is a hobby once a trip and taste-it seems almost every tourist attraction in Yogyakarta we ever visited. Hehe Decision is not easy until finally my sister gave a reference new tourist attraction in the area Pajangan, Bantul, where there are many natural waterfalls are very beautiful, among them Jurang Pulosari and Curug Banyunibo. Curious how fun our trip was?

It was a very hot day. At around 11:30 that afternoon, we traveled to the Pulosari Gorge and Curug Banyunibo, which he said had a remarkable natural beauty. Our trip was also extraordinary, where the heat of the sun does not hinder our intentions that feel very curious about the attractions are still relatively new. The route that we pass if from the direction of Jogja is towards Gamping towards Sedayu, then until the intersection of Sedayu turn left. Just follow the road there and do not hesitate to ask the surrounding community for its location because it is quite a bit complicated and go into the village inside. Well, my advice, when heading there, better ride two-wheeled vehicles because the road to the location is up and down and very narrow. Our decision not to use the car at that time was very appropriate because the location of this waterfall is less likely to pass by four-wheeled vehicles, if it can be difficult if it passes with other vehicles from opposite directions.

The distance from Jogja to this place about 20 km. Several times one of the roads made us have to go back and forth to the main destination so it must spend longer than it should. Finally around 12.30-an, we arrived at the first tourist spot, the waterfall Banyunibo. The parking lot is still very simple, and seen there are only a few motor visitors, not crowded as I imagined. Food vendors there are also very simple, just shaded wooden hut. Most who visit here are young people and their friends who want to enjoy the charm of the beauty of this waterfall.
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Curug Banyunibo located in Dusun Kabrokan Kulon, Sendangsari Village, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency. According to the parking attendant there, this waterfall has not been registered in the official tourism office. Even so, this place has been visited by visitors every day even though not many. There are two doors to get to this place. We walked to the location with a natural atmosphere that is close to nature ndeso beautiful and shady. Many trees, passing through a small stream coupled with bird chirps that add to the authenticity of nature in this place. From a distance, there was a gallant waterfall standing with its very seductive splash of water.

At first we just take pictures in the shallow stream. But because of the excitement of other visitors who can reach the top of this waterfall, we finally tempted to climb step by step and perpetuate the moment filled with the beauty of this nature. Curug Banyunibo is more like a cliff slope of limestone rock that is then passed by the flow of water. The water is very clear, with the reflection of the color of green comes from moss plants growing between the rocks.

We can lho up to the top of caution so as not to slip falling down considering that the rocks are pretty slick curug has a fairly vertical slope, about 70 degrees. The beauty of the forest around this waterfall really adds to this Banyunibo Curug charm as a new object that you must visit.
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In the dry season the flow of water tends to be small, while in the rainy season the waterfall is relatively large. After we are satisfied to play water and take pictures here, we finally clean up and headed at the next waterfall location which is certainly not less interesting with this place, namely Jurang Pulosari.

Location Pulurang Gorge not far from the location of Banyunibo waterfall, only about 10 minutes if not wrong way. Hehe. The journey to the Gorge Pulosari was no less challenging. The path with the cor block up and down a little winding also remain faithful to accompany all the way until we finally stopped in a yard of a fairly wide citizen house in front of it written PARKING HERE. Actually there is another entrance where the location of the parking is closer to the object of the tour, but because we do not know clearly, so we choose to park in this place.

Two of our motorcycles parked there while digging out information about the attractions of Jurang Pulosari. A father who gave us parking papers informed us that the location was not far from the parking lot, and then heading down and down to the Pulosari Gorge.

We started walking down a very shady spot because on the right and left sides were filled with green and fresh trees. How clean is this village because far from air pollution is very different from the conditions in the city. Several times we encountered old simbah (granny) who walked carrying wood to be fuel in his home.

Step by step we walk through a path full of limestone and finally headed to a meadow surrounded by green hills that are so beautiful to the eye. Residents there are very friendly and look enthusiastic when greeted by the visitors.

From a distance, we have heard the atmosphere below, it seems more visitors than in Curug Banyunibo. Finally getting closer, we prove ourselves the number of visitors who crowded this place. Not only domestic, foreign tourists did not want to miss to bathe in a fresh waterfall and filled with ndeso feel. The more down, we arrived at the most crowded place with visitors who enthusiastically to enjoy the sensation of this waterfall.

This waterfall stands with several layers of altitude that all can be touched visitors. With a water depth of about 1 meter, this waterfall is still relatively safe to be utilized by visitors who want to swim and bathe here.

In addition, they look very enthusiastic to spend time to enjoy the sensation of falling waterfall into their bodies by standing right under the waterfall. Also seen as elementary school children are very shrewd to play jump-locatan on the water with various interesting styles. At first glance I was amazed by their attractions, given that I did not dare to play the river water because it can not swim. Hehe..

Wow, really a very interesting natural attractions but still hidden. If the Pulosari Gorge can be published more broadly, surely can be the target of tourists who hobby hunting natural beauty of tourism in Indonesia. Finally around 15.30, we intend to end our tour by walking up to the original parking location.

We were tired and struggling at that moment because we had to cross a steep riding road with very hot weather. With a sense of relief and pleasure, we made the journey home to Jogja smoothly.

Yes, the conclusion that I get from the attractions Curug Banyunibo and Jurang Pulosari is that both of these attractions are very interesting, still original and filled with the charm of the beauty of a unique waterfall and beautiful. Of course, this ndeso tourism needs to be promoted more vigorously to all corners of Indonesia in order to become more known to the public, both domestic and foreign. And the entry is also free, the cost incurred only pay Rp 2.000 only. How, are you getting interested? Do not forget to share to friends for this ndeso tourist increasingly popular. For me, this is a fun but satisfying journey. Let's develop Indonesia's tourism to stay sustainable and bring many benefits to the whole society: D

Hope it's useful, Riana Dewie

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