Intip 10 Most Expensive Maternity Hospital In The World

Intip 10 Most Expensive Maternity Hospital In The, Jakarta A clean, comfortable maternity place plus a friendly officer is usually enough for a woman to calmly give birth. But a row of nobles or even famous celebrities was once tested the world's most expensive maternity hospital.

Call it Jay Z and Beyonce, when about to give birth Blue Ivy Carter, both agreed to give birth in the most luxurious. Even in some sources say, the couple is like being on vacation in a room with spa facilities while being in hospital.

Forget the bland food and roommate. For in this upscale maternity hospital, you will be served with your favorite food and luxurious private facilities like a five-star hotel room. Not only that, a line of best doctors are also prepared for this luxury delivery.

So, where is the most expensive maternity hospital? following his review, as published by The Richest, Monday (21/11/2016):

1. Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney Rp13, 3 million overnight

Australia is considered one of the best places on Earth not only to be born, but also to be raised. The Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney for example has a luxury maternity unit at Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach adjacent to a five star hotel.

The best doctors in Sydney in this place offer premium maternity services with an exclusive style of ocean view. Mothers who want to give birth can also order limousines for travel from home to hospital.

2. Clinique des Grangettes in Switzerland Rp28, 6 million overnight

Small country in Europe is often proud because of clean air and good quality of life. In this country, the famous medical treatment is very neat.

If you are on vacation and want to give birth in this country, labor costs around Rp53 are also for normal birth without medical complications. But in Geneva, there is a popular birthplace called Clinique des Grangettes which offers a beautiful and soothing garden when viewed from the glass windows of the rooms. Among the patients, they have a special five-star chef prepared for 24 hours for your private room.

Lenox Hill3. Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan Rp33, 4 million a day

This hospital is now even more famous after the birth of Blue Ivy, the princess of Beyonce and Jay Z. Lenox Hill did not fool around to offer luxurious suites with mahogany wooden walls, wooden floors, own kitchen, and even officers who can manage the patient's hairstyle. There are also manicure, padicure, and massage services before delivery.

You want to get the best moments when giving birth to your little baby? At Lenox Hill, patients can rent the entire floor of the delivery room for Rp17 billion. Even so, the Director of the hospital denied that the executive room was expensive.

4. Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles Rp53, 5 million a day

Another of the world's most luxurious maternity places, Cedard-Sinai in Los Angeles. The hospital offers deluxe classes and Deluxe Maternity packages to help mothers give birth for around Rp53.5 million a night.

But with such a high price, the patient has got a suite with two bathrooms plus abundant food. Anyway, you will not run out of fresh fruit, muffins, and cold juice.

Prospective moms also get beauty care before giving birth. Experts such as hair stylist, manicure and padicure have also been prepared.

Do not ask who has ever received this exclusive treatment. Renowned stars such as Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, and Rachel Zoe gave birth in this room.

Mount Sinai Hospital in New York

5. Mount Sinai Hospital in New York Rp53, 5 million a day

If you want to give birth to a typical American scene with the backdrop of Central Park and Manhattan, you can rent this birthing place. But this is not the only reason Gwyneth Paltrow and P. Diddy chose Mount Sinai for the birth of their children. Here, the facilities are more comfortable for the mother.In addition to a special quilt made of exclusive cotton, there is also a therapeutic massage for easy delivery to luxury spa inspired bathrooms to pamper women.

6. Rose Medical Center in Denver, United States Rp46, 2 million just for physical examination

Women who dream of maternity with the help of sophisticated medical equipment, no need to be confused again. Doctors at Rose Medical Center in Denver will monitor patients via advanced mobile phones for 24 hours.

Each maternity room is equipped with a private bathroom, jacuzzi, rocking chair, small bar. Plus, when a mother gives birth, she can choose a personal chef. This boutique-style medical practice is priced at $ 3,450 for physical inspection, excluding the price per room and service.

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

7. Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London Rp140 million per birth

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London is specially designed for women who want to give birth intimate and exclusive. When the mother gives birth normally, the average cost of maternity about Rp134 million. If Caesar, of course the price is higher or about Rp178 million, including consulting fees, operations and other costs. Interestingly, in this hospital, the mother can choose the color of the curtain according to the feel of the heart.

8. St. Marys Hospital in London Rp200,9 million per room (private suite)

St. Hospital Mary in London is a British patrician. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave birth at this hospital. He spent $ 15,000 or about Rp 201 million per night for his eldest son, prince George.

The hospital also has a luxurious maternity room that once helped Princess Diana give birth to Prince William. But you need to know, the price does not include consultation with doctors, food and other facilities. Because this hospital has a doctor and a special chef to handle the mother who will give birth.

New Jersey Hospitals9. New Jersey Hospitals between Rp241 million-Rp361.6 million

The maternity hospital in America is arguably the most expensive in the world. How not, the hospital charges a flat fee for each service, regardless of the mother's medical condition and any previous tests. They are billed per each item, which means that if any parent participating in the maintenance is also charged per each individual service.

No wonder, the average woman who gave birth here has to pay between Rp241 million-Rp361,6 million depending on the type of birth. There is a special fee for women who gave birth to normal that is Rp246 million. While the caesar is charged around Rp358 million. With the addition of several medical problems, the price may be doubled. The price of labor can also vary up to Rp400 million among other hospitals.

10. Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong Rp267 million only for one room DP

Private hospitals in Hong Kong are very expensive. It costs a day to reach Rp173 million, just for the room alone yes, the rest you can imagine yourself. First-class amenities luxurious spa rooms with obstetricians are ready to help mothers give birth.

So why is this hospital expensive? they offer one room with a balcony overlooking the South China Sea, a refrigerator packed with juice and bottled water, cable TV and WiFi. But it is highly recommended to make reservations as early as possible, as most private hospitals in Hong Kong have been booked seven months before birth.

Especially at Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong, you need to deposit $ 20,000 (Rp.267 million) to (just) book a room.

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