Intip Serunya Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 The Lifting Theme Reflection of Culture This Yuk, Ladies

Intip Serunya – The fashion week of the homeland IFW (Indonesia Fashion Week) was held again, exactly on 10-13 March 2016 at the Jakarta Convention Center. Fashion show organized by APPMI (Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs), the theme of Reflections of Culture.

Poppy Dharsono as President IFW 2016 said that to help develop the fashion industry homeland to the international arena, the IFW 2016 was held with the theme of Indonesian culture.

"IFW this year raised the theme of Reflectionts of Culture, as we all know, that Indonesian culture is broad, and our obligation as designer is to process it so that Indonesia has identity," said Poppy to Vemale when met at SCBD area of ??South Jakarta on Tuesday January 12, 2016.

According to him, the fashion industry in Indonesia is not as big as Paris or New York, but certainly the fashion in this country is developing to a better and more profitable. IFW this time involves all circles and open to the public, the goal one: to be able to advance Indonesia.

"They should be able to express our culture, culture, and not only show traditional clothes, but fashion that can and should be accepted in the global market," he explained.

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"IFW this year deliberately displays all local cultural collections and traditions that serve as the basis and reflection of the design IFW 2016 will also involve all circles ranging from entrepreneurs, artists, community Jakarta Society, and many more," added Poppy.

IFW 2016 will exhibit 15,000 collection of clothes from various regions. A total of approximately 480 booths will be provided for SME entrepreneurs from various regions in Indonesia.

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With the holding of Indonesia Fashion Week, is expected to be able to advance the fashion industry of Indonesia to become a fashion center in the ASEAN countries and abroad. "We hope in the end we will all be able to carve our identity in the fashion world by reflecting our own culture," Poppy concluded.

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