IPB and BBPKH Cinagara Create Water Vacations and Prevent Landslide

IPB and BBPKHJakarta Contour hilly land that is not planted by trees prone to landslides that are harmful to the surrounding environment. If the condition of the land is left then gradually landslide disaster struck. Trees can strengthen hilly land contours. The root of the tree can keep the water absorption in the soil.

In addition, the tree is an oxygen producer. Its existence becomes very vital because no living tree can not meet the oxygen demand. Trees can also reduce global warming in nature. Therefore, all existing trees should be preserved.

This is the background of Students Department of Economics of Environmental Resources Intitut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) in cooperation with the Center for Animal Health Training (BBPKH) Cinagara Bogor, Ministry of Agriculture to do the greening movement through planting trees jabon, cinnamon and fruits.

The event was held on Saturday, May 28, 2016 with the theme of Green, Growth and Action in the environment of BBPKH Cinagara Bogor whose office area is contoured hills.

A total of 130 students and 40 employees of BBPKH Cinagara Bogor took to the field to plant 150 trees of species jabon, cinnamon and fruit. Planting begins with the laying of the first tree by the Head Hall BBPKH Cinagara Bogor drh. Djajadi Gunawan, MPH. There are several planting sites adapted to the planting location. In the landslide-prone location planted with mahogany trees and in strategic locations close to the office environment planted with fruit trees.

The tree planting activity is an exemplary positive activity. It is not instant to pick the results of the planting done. If we do not have time to enjoy the results but it can be a legacy for our children and grandchildren later. The air is cool, prevents landslides, the availability of sufficient ground water and reduces global warming.

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