IPB government value instead of ‘restui’ forest burning

IPB government value instead of 'restui' forest burningBogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Forestry Expert (IPB) Ricky Avenzora said government regulations are the cause of the burning of land in some parts of Indonesia. Under the regulation, the government allows the burning of forests for the opening of new land.

This is seen from the number of laws and regulations governing the opening of land by burning as Law number 32 of 2009 on the Environment, PP number 4 of 2001, and Pergub Kalteng number 15 of 2010.

"Why are people burning it because it is allowed, it could be now controlled, but people can not be controlled, even the regulations issued by the government mean they condone this," said Ricky at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday / 11).

According to him, the regulation makes many parties involved in forest burning. Not only companies that have been considered as perpetrators of forest fires.

"There are civilians who do not have more knowledge, community groups that create chaos because of protests, feuds and conflicts between social groups, and the mafia that deliberately burning for development," Ricky added.

In addition, continued Ricky, large companies that already have the bureaucracy to open the land are also involved. One of them is a company that has certified Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil System (ISPO), Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), System of Verification and Legality of Wood (SVLK).

However, these actors are not responsive in dealing with forest fires. This is actually an opportunity for some parties to take advantage.

"The council members are making a special committee to deal with forest fires, but the work of this committee for three months is for what is clear every work on the road budget continues and then for neighboring countries that offer assistance We think Malaysia or Singapore is good But we pay it too, "he concluded. [sau]

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