Ironically, ABG friends are not empathetic pregnant women give tips to pretend to sleep

Ironically, ABG friendsSince morning social networking scene with capture status in social media Path about vent teen girls hate to pregnant women who ask to sit while riding the train. The woman objected to giving a seat because he had left early in order to get the chair.

"Hate pregnant mothers who suddenly ask to sit Yes I know lw pregnant but plis dong leave early morning To the station that far away to be able to sit, I aja baseball pregnant belau-belau go early in order to be seated. enggak want hard .. ckckck .. nyusahin people, if baseball want to hard baseball do not work at home only, manggung-mingga pregnant dingertiin want to continue, but itself baseball want effort .. cape dehh, "wrote the woman who fence #notetomyselfjgnnyusahinorg! !

In the capture there are some comments from colleagues. One comment came from his male colleague. Comment from the account named Andreas is actually giving tips to the author of the status of how to outsmart pregnant women. The comment is with a #akalakakakuhamil tag.

In his comment, the account wrote a suggestion like this: "You make earphones..Trs you pretend to sleep while nunduk .. avoid the deceit of pregnant women #akalakalanibuhamil .The comments were written from Depok.

Sociologist from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Musni Umar said that such teenagers belong to individualistic society category.

"The teenager is one who does not care about other people and is only concerned with himself, it is not after Indonesian culture," said Musni when talking with on Wednesday (16/4).

According to Musni, the teenager is experiencing moral decadence or decline or moral decline. Musni said the development of teenagers now gave birth to pragmatism and deadly empathy. [tts]

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