Is A Telescope A Time Machine

Is A Telescope A Time Machine [/ caption] Maybe you have heard that the Speed ??of light is the fastest ever speed that you can ever achieve. And that speed limit is 299,792,458 meters per second. Nothing can possibly passes this speed limit. It is said that if you pass the speed of light you can travel through time.

Now what does that really mean? Travel through time by reaching a certain speed. Although it is impossible to pass the speed limit, it is possible to get near the speed of light.And when something gets near the speed of light, something interesting happens. Time will get slower. By almost reaching the maximum speed, the time will slow down to protect the speed limit so that it doesnt get passed.

So what may seem to be 5 months of maximum speed of light, could be just about 5 weeks. Mind-blowing isnt it? Dont worry; I also did not understand it at first. But thats how the universe is. The universe is shaped as it is and we dont get any say in anything.

Lets take off your mind about that and think about something else. Light is very fast, very incredibly fast. But very fast does not equal to infinity. As is 0, 00000000001 does not equal to zero. I said before that the speed of light is around 300 million meters per second. Well I searched on the internet that the distance from the earth the sun is 149,597,870,700 meters (which is really faaar).

Lets take that number and divide it with the speed of light. On my calculator I got the number 499.00478. So what does this mean? What does this number have to do with anything? That my friends, is the number of seconds it takes for the light to travel from the sun to earth. 499 seconds is about 8 minutes. Try and Google it if youre not convinced. Isnt it fascinating how can math tell us so much?

And heres whats more fascinating. Since light takes 8 minutes to travel to earth that means if right now, a meteor struck the sun and we just saw it now. That means that the impact of the meteor happened happened 8 minutes ago. Another example is that if the sun is to disappear out of nowhere without a trace, then that means that event has happened 8 minutes ago, because the light has not met our eyes yet. Light is super fast, but not as fast enough to travel directly to us, instantly.

To me, this just blew up my mind with a dozen of TNT. It doesnt even make sense anymore. But thats just how it is. Thats how the world is and will always be, strange but epic. And that is just the sun. What about Jupiter, Neptune, Proxima Centauri (the closest star from earth, or sun, IDK). The more light travels and more looking into the past! So technically, if we get a better telescope, then the further back in time we see.

Heres some stuff to back up my writing, and sorry for the confusion;)

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