is Coal (Fossil Fuel) Our Friend () Yes, No

is Coal (Fossil Fuel) Our Friend () Yes, NoClimate change is essentially a natural natural event. However, due to human actions that release large amounts of greenhouse gases, one of them is carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing an increase in the average of an unnatural earth temperature called Global Warming. Global Warming is mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, gas, and natural gas) that produce carbon dioxide (CO2) as a trigger of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are naturally important for life on earth. Without them, we can not live because the earth will be too cold. However, their excessive amounts and increasing global temperatures make the climate unstable, and the health of the global ecosystem is in jeopardy so that it can affect the extinction that will happen sooner.

Climate Change experts note the earth's temperature rise has reached 1.4oC to 5.8oC than it should be. It is feared that in this century the increase reaches more than 2oC then there will be many extinctions, especially in the Arctic and Tropical regions. Scientists believe that the burning of fossil fuels and human activity is the main reason for the increase in CO2 concentrations that are the main gases of greenhouses. Burning fossil fuels emits carbon that has been trapped for millions of years and adds to the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Fossil fuels used to run transportation, warm homes, office buildings, and power stations that must be responsible for 25% of the increase in CO2 emissions since the industrial revolution (WWF-Indonesia).

Coal (fossil fuels) is the most important energy source for electricity generation and serves as the main fuel for industry. However, coal also has a negative character that is called the most polluting energy source due to high carbon content. Other important energy sources, such as natural gas, have less pollution levels but are more susceptible to price fluctuations in world markets. Thus, more and more industries in the world are beginning to shift the focus of energy to coal. Coal is the dominant force in the world electricity generation. More than 39 percent of all electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants because of the abundance of coal, the relatively easy and inexpensive acquisition of coal.

Indonesia is a country dependent on fossil fuels, especially on coal. More than 90% of the electricity generated in this country comes from fossil fuels, one third of which comes from coal. It would be desirable if Indonesia is the world's 7th carbon emission contributor country according to a Concordia University report published in the journal Environmental Research Letters 2014. This is because of the large amount of fossil fuel-based energy use as a source of electricity. Demand for electricity needs is increasing every year, which means more carbon dioxide is released into the air and potentially exacerbates Global Warming.

Say no to coal fossil fuels right now, and be a smart society to save the world by saving on electricity usage and always using public transportation. When compared to CO2 produced by petroleum, CH4 gas or methane gas produced by coal has a much more destructive destructive power. 1 ton of CH4 produces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 24 tons of CO2. So, can we imagine how terrible the damaging power of coal to life on this planet. Coal releases PM 2.5 particles which easily enter the human body through the inhaled air. This causes a higher cancer risk. Greenpeace International activist Lauri Myllyvirta said the use of coal causes 60 thousand Indonesians to die each year.

Fossil fuel utilization activities should be stopped immediately and start to switch by utilizing renewable energy. Currently, some countries are committed to reducing the use of coal. China, for example, is targeting a 30% reduction in coal use by 2017. They are beginning to develop renewable energy sources because the air pollution is so severe that once hit China in 2008. The last three years China is trying to develop wind energy, solar panels and other renewable energy sources. So it should be done by Indonesia because it has many natural resources such as wind, solar, water, and geothermal. Reported on esdm web that total geothermal energy potential of 29,038 GWe and which used only 1,226 MW. In addition, Indonesia can utilize solar power of 4.8 KWh / m2 or equivalent to 112.000 GWp but that has been utilized only about 10 MWp and so are the many potential points of tenag

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