Is Earth in Big Danger The Famous Scientist Warns Us To Immediately Leave Earth

Is Earth in Big Danger The Famous Scientist Warns Us To Immediately Leave EarthYou guys who watch the biography of Theory of Everything must understand who this scientist is Stephen Hawking. Launched from Time, Hawking warned mankind to leave Earth soon in the next 100 years. Suddenly scientists and various media were shocked by Hawking's latest statement. Hawking's last statement is important because looking back, Hawking predicts that humanity can survive on earth for another 1000 years. Why does Hawking cut his 1000 year prediction to 100 years? Are mankind are heading for destruction?

Climate change, infectious diseases, population explosions and the use of weapons of mass destruction in warfare are the worst risks facing the earth with all its contents.

Although scientists are now struggling to develop a solution, but whether it will be fast enough until the deadline conveyed Hawking. Check out his reviews with Hipwee News & Feature to answer your questions.

1. Stephen Hawking, with his mountains of experience and intelligence, what he says we need to hear

The eminent scientist Stephen Hawking who may have lived the life story of Theory Of Everything, has a million achievements. Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physics scientist famous for his contributions in the world of quantum physics. You must be familiar with cosmological theories such as quantum gravity and the black hole or black hole that it introduces. After publishing the book A Brief History of Time (1988) as his paralysis worsened, his name soared and famous as a renowned scientist all over the Earth.

2. Because of his immense contribution in the field of scholarship, Stephen Hawking's opinion is deeply reckoned by any scientist in the world. Including if he said the age of the earth is only 100 years away

After predicting that massive destruction will occur in another 1000 years, Stephen Hawking rectifies the prophecy by cutting the 900 years time. Just now Hawking issued a shocking statement to the scientific world, that humanity must leave the earth in the next 100 years. What Hawking discloses is not without reason, according to which climate change, disease and a rising human population are the source of destruction for the earth. Not to mention the risk of the outbreak of World War III that at any time occur, as humanity is increasingly faded.

3. According to Hawking, mankind is an intelligent species that must be saved from extinction. If the earth is not able to survive, yes have to look for alternative residence

All the problems on this earth are getting chronic. From the rapidly increasing global warming, to the never-ending political and military conflicts. It seems that after calculating all these probabilities, Hawking rectifies the earlier prediction that humans can only stay on this earth for the next 100 years. That's only one to two generations alone! If the foremost predictions of scientists on earth are true, our grandchildren may no longer live on earth.

Although his predictions are terrible, but Hawking also believes in the strength and intelligence of mankind. According to Hawking, humans are the most intelligent species on earth and must be saved. If indeed the earth can no longer survive, we only have 100 years to find a solution.

4. Although there are billions of planets in the universe, until now we have not even finished researching the near Mars planet. Hopefully there will be a phenomenal breaktrough in the coming yearsQuoted from Futurism, founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has the ambition to save humanity to evacuate to another planet, namely Mars. This ambition is also supported by Hawking's claim that we must have humanity colonies on other planets to save the human species. But the question of whether Mars deserves to be inhabited by mankind, until now has not been answered. Scientists are still eager to find out the answer, hopefully there is good news deh

5. Do not just scientists who are told to turn the brain looking for solutions, make small steps to save the environment. The 100 year deadline also applies to us

What should we do now? NASA and China have conducted research on Mars to ensure humanity lives there. But do we have to surrender, surrender everything to destiny without effort and give this heavy task only to a handful of scientists? We must also act.

It may sound cliche, but all advice like do not throw garbage carelessly, save using plastic, turn off lights when not in use, and so forth, that's true. And to start really practiced is not just memorized.

If it's true 100 years from now the earth is no longer inhabited by humans, we better all prepare everything from now. This is not a government hoax or propaganda, this time terrible predictions come from one of the most respected scientists in the world. Yes it is time we are afraid of the sustainability of this earth. The reason so far we can only damage it anyway

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