Is it true that the ‘virgin’ forest in Indonesia is kept liliput

Is it true that the 'virgin' forest in Indonesia is kept liliputFor some people, the jungle is not just the wilderness, but also the occult phenomenon. They believe if in the middle of the wilderness there is also another life from other creatures.

It is said that in the forests of Indonesia are still 'virgin' inhabited by the nation also lelembut. Some call liliput or dwarf people but there is also a giant nation that inhabit the forest wilderness in Indonesia. Then really the forests are still 'virgin' inhabited by the nations as well?

Some time ago, the citizens of Lampung were stunned by the news of the appearance of dwarf humans or humans liliput in the forest of Way Kambas National Park (TNWK) in Lampung Timur District Lampung Province. Even some local media are also busy preaching the sightings of human liliput believed to be the forest guardian.

According to the report, not only once the forest police officers (polhut) who served in TNWK who claimed to meet with a group of liliput humans or dwarfs. Twice the forest officer sees human sightings liliput in the span of time adjacent.

"It is true that the officer (police officer) of our Polhut who was on duty to see there was 'another human' like that.Not only one officer only, but all the teams who were on duty to see them.He saw it in a conscious state. but the humans who caught it is not all stubborn bodies, "said Public Relations Balai TNWK Sukatmoko as quoted from Antara, Wednesday (10/4/2013) ago.

The second strange human appearance came back when a group of TNWK polhut officers patrolled at a similar location at the first meeting on Wednesday (20/3).

"The patroling friends looked back, but the time was very short, and the strange man who was stolen rushed to sneak into the forest," he said again.

It's just that, again the existence of those who were detected in the woods Way Kambas not managed to be immortalized or recorded. [hhw] NEXT

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