Is the World Perfect Look at these Images!

Is the World Perfect Look at these Images!The best of humans are those who can think critically. There are people who then choose to take to the street for a demo, write an open letter, make graffiti, and there are also who convey his thoughts through painting.

Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist who since 2004 specializes in the satirical genre. Pawel talks about everyday life and world conditions globally-from economy, politics, to social issues and humanity. Here, Hipwee will show some of them.

1. Train of Genuine Toys and Trains

A child wears t-shirts, jeans, shoes, and hats while pulling a toy train. The other child in a simple, barefoot dress is pulling some real train.

The International Labor Organization (OIL) noted that there are 168 million child laborers worldwide. 85 million of them work in hazardous sectors, such as illegal mining and heavy machinery manufacturing. Different from well-to-do children, for child workers playing games is a luxury.

2. For What?

There's only one thing to ask about this picture: in fact, we've been learning for what? Has it set us free, as the original purpose of education, or did we do it because we were forced to?

3. Apple and Apple Letters

Statistically, hunger kills more people every year than the AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis victims add up. The cause of hunger can vary, from famine, civil war, systemic poverty, to market price volatility. When we are fortunate to be given the means to give our children toys to help him read, many other children in the world are still thinking about how to eat.

4. Technology vs. Creativity

Technology should not keep people away from art and literature. Modernization should not castrate human creativity.The mouse image in the above painting represents modern human life that is so influenced by technology. They are busy with their laptops and smart phones. Choosing to play games or be active on social media, and slowly forget how to do things manually.

6. What is the news of democracy?

Are you sure that democracy can be completely clean, honest and fair? In the election, how much will not be willing if the voting rights are exchanged with rice wrap or money?

There are legislative candidates to the House of Representatives after getting more than 35 thousand votes. Uniquely 35 thousand votes it comes only from a single factory environment. As a voter, which one is more valuable to us: the freedom to set the direction, or the green grass in one of the ballot boxes?

7. Imitating the Pollution

The Industrial Revolution is changing forever the face of human civilization. Two centuries later, the number of motor vehicles and plant construction continues to grow. Unfortunately, this is not always accompanied by attention to the environment.

Air pollution makes parents start restless letting their children play outside for too long. The children will unknowingly imitate what they see including building factories instead of forts when we were small, from beach sand. What will happen when the children are adults?

The world does not belong to us but also belongs to our children later. A saying has been sternly remarked: When the last animal we have killed, the last river we have drained, the last tree we have cut down, then we will realize that money can not be eaten.

8. Material vs. Humanity

Sad do not see this painting? Why are people more concerned with paint spilled than the dead painter?

The depiction that humans in this era are more concerned with matter than humanity may not be completely exaggerated. The proof, many officials who to the heart to make corruption while the people die of starvation.9. Do not Touch!

A child refuses when another child touches his toy. It's like mocking our behavior so far whether we have become too individualistic?

When able to live their own life, human beings risk them to feel that they do not need to share. When his house is comfortable enough, we can forget to visit his inadequate neighbors.

10. The Rich vs The Poor

One word for describing this painting. Pity. The rich can live in abundance, while the poor always lack.

In the painting depicted how rich people use water to soak, while the poor are difficult to just drink. Many people live well and do not realize that what they waste can be very meaningful to the poor.

11. Religion vs Money

There are people who dare to sell their own religion. That is, they worship and spread their religion for money. Want to give a lecture of origin paid a fortune. Want to pray for the origin given a parcel.

Concerned. Should not religion be the last thing in the world that money can touch?

12. Communism

In communist states, people are forced to believe that the state and government are everything. The state, as an instrument of the communist party, has the duty of providing at the same time ensuring the welfare of the people, while private ownership is abolished altogether. In fact, it was not Santa Claus who gave the people Christmas presents. All good things should be considered coming from the Party.13. Politician's Speech Too Dirty

The politics is aimed at building prosperity, but in practice it is often dirty. The politicians' speeches are also less dirty. The reason, what they are talking about is often solely for the sake of securing positions and seeking profit for themselves.

In his painting, Pawel describes that the politicians' talks are just like water.

14. Dictator's Leader

Have a dictatorial leader, the only victim is the people. The people then united and fought to overthrow the leader. Even if successful, the leader who replaces it is not much different.

Yup, someone who became a leader does have the potential to be dictatorial. Power can make a person forget about how a good leader should be.

15. The War Is Just a Matter of Money

According to Pawel's illustration, war is just a mere money count. How much capital should be sacrificed and how much profit can be gained after the war.

War will prove who is stronger, more powerful, and more profitable. In fact, war means sacrificing hundreds or thousands of lives of soldiers. For their commitment to the state, they may be just victims of an ambitious and greedy government.

16. The War For What? For the sake of money

Almost the same as the illustration at number 13, Pawel seems to be very interested in criticizing the war. Why war can happen? Why do thousands of soldiers die? Why are there warring countries? The reason is just one, money!17. Air Pollution

As a critique of the economic sphere, Pawel describes how factories play a major role in damaging the environment. In the illustration above there is a thick black smoke coming out of the factory funnel.

Yup, as the wheels of the economy continue to spin and profit for the owners of capital, human sacrifices nature. There will be no clean air that humans can breathe.

18. Electric For Who?

Almost in all state assets, there are always parties who can master it individually and ignore the interests of the people. Yes, Pawel like to talk that hey, this electricity for whom? or hey, who controls this country's assets ?.

Well, it can not be denied that dirty monopoly is almost there in all areas, including state assets that should belong to the people.

19. Polluted Earth

This Pawel painting is enough to explain how the drought and air pollution is the beginning of human destruction on earth.

Yup, humans can not survive without oxygen. Meanwhile, the current cleaner air is getting thinner due to human activities themselves. So, if you want to get oxygen, please plant a tree!

20. Seeing the World Through Social Media

Want to know what's going on in the world? What's happening in your country? In fact, what do your friends do? Just go to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. The answer to all your questions is there.Whether to be grateful or concerned, social media is like two sides of a coin. There are negative and positive effects that accompany it.

21. Global Warming

His care for the environment, made Pawel make this painting. Yes, global warming is such a horrible issue. The earth is getting heated and the polar ice continues to melt.

Before the earth finally sinks, now the animals at the poles begin to lose their habitat. I do not know how many will eventually become extinct because of us.

22. Can Live From Trash

People who work as scavengers really live from the garbage. They eat, pay home rent, even pay their children's school fees from what is considered not important by others.

On the one hand, this is irony. On the other hand, it symbolizes the real optimism that there is always a way to survive.

Everyone may be able to interpret the work of art with their own understanding. One thing is for sure, ask yourself: is the world (and you) all right?

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