Is Your Relationship Can Give Happiness It’s The Answer

Is Your Relationship Can Give Happiness It's The – Have a friend or lover? No man can really live alone. Everyone would need someone else's help. At least we all have the closest people who are always there for us. But is the relationship of friendship or romance that you intertwine today can really make you happy?

The meeting of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. C.G. Jung

Ladies, there are some signs that the actual relationship of friendship or romance that you live at this time in the end did not make you happy at all. So, before it's too late, let's find out if our current relationship can deliver the kindness we want. And what should we do to react to it?

Can Make You Grow or Not?
Does the existence of a friend or lover even make you difficult to develop themselves? Or you so can not achieve the dream you want because it is suppressed by the people you really care about?

If the relationship that you intertwine today even inhibit your success, immediately find a way out. For example, by trying to keep a distance or find another circle of friends. Or you can also reveal directly and honestly about the attitude of the people around you who are less supportive. Indeed the key is good communication and mutual attitudes to understand each other.

Support Your Positive Change or Not?
Everybody always changes over time. Our personal today is a bit much different from our previous personality. However, not everyone wants and can accept our change.

A good friend or lover will definitely support the changes we experience. Of course that is a positive change. If the person you trust is even pouting or hating you just because you change for the better, no doubt you will feel hurt. And, you need to choose. You want to maintain your relationship but with your risk can not change to be a better person, or undergo the process of change with the risk of losing your relationship.

Giving Positive or Negative Influence?
Everyone has its own influence. When we are friends or a relationship of love, then a little more we will be affected by the personality of the people who are near us. But please know further, the influence given positive or negative?

Growing up with people who will only have a negative effect, you'll end up ruining yourself. So, it is important to get ourselves in a positive environment. Or are you willing to take the initiative to pass positive influence to those around you?

How is it, Ladies? Is the relationship that you intertwine right now giving you the happiness you want? Or actually your relationship will actually destroy you?

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