Iseng Take a Photograph of Foreigners, It turns out the result of his photographs Romantic

Iseng Take a Photograph of Foreigners, It turns out the result of his photographs – Nowadays, everyone can use their professional camera to photograph anything in the universe. If we were out in town, we might meet some people with cameras around their necks.

Sometimes we find beautiful moments or moving to take pictures, but we do not know who the person in the photo. And the results are so good and alive. This is experienced by a woman who was taking pictures at the Ulster County Fair, New York. He found a very sweet moment when a woman is being proposed by her lover.

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But so many photos he made that day so it did not occur to him to know who the couple is. After seeing all the results of his shooting at home, he realized that the photo proposal was very sweet and romantic. He also wanted to award the happiness to the couple. Unfortunately, this woman does not know who they are.

So a friend told her to upload her photo in cyberspace. That way he can find the couple online. After a few hours of searching, the couple finally found Bryan DeVos and Oliva OToole.

Ever since he first met O'Toole, DeVos swore that this was the woman he was looking for and that he would marry him later. So that day after a long time dating, he finally proposed to O'Toole to marry him.

They did not think that anyone was taking photographs of their applications. But the result is so beautiful and romantic. And, thanks to the internet for connecting the photographer with this couple. So DeVos and O'Toole know they have a memorable photo of a proposal.

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