Islam and Go Green

Islam and Go GreenIslam is an interesting religion, because there are 2 standards used are the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, I say interesting because usually, every command always gives a benefit not just a command.

One of them is discussing the problem of plant, Go green which started with tree planting movement, basically Islam also advocated in a hadeeth of Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said:

It is not a Muslim to grow crops with any crop except every plant he eats is worth his alms. Anything stolen from him (the crop) becomes alms to him. What the wild animals eat (from the plants) becomes alms to him. What the birds eat from him becomes alms to him. And no one took from him otherwise it would also be alms to him. (Muslim)

Above is a suggestion that we plant, in addition bermanfat for us because we can take advantage, tananam also can be utilized other orng that rarely realized. When talking about the benefits of a plant maybe we each already know.

And for ourselves, if the plants can be harvested then it is a benefit for us in the world, but if our plants can not be harvested then at least there are animals that can use it, even the Nawawi priest in explaining the above hadith, that the reward of the person who planted will always flow like a charity jariyah.

Narrated, there was a man who met Abu Darda 'when he planted a nutmeg tree. Then the man asked Abu Darda ': Hi Abu Darda'! Why are you planting this tree, when you are very old, while this tree will not bear fruit except for so many years. Then Abu Darda replied: Am I not the one who will pluck the reward beside for the food of others?

Islam also prohibits crop destruction as opposed to the go green movement, in a verse it is mentioned:

And when he turns away from him, he walks on the earth to inflict damage on him, and to destroy crops and livestock, whereas God does not love decay. [Al Baqarah: 205]. If, around you there is empty land, why not planted it? Would not it be more useful, if there is a crop we just stay take care of him. And do not damage it. Because in addition to the economic value inshaAllah all that rewarded. Nature

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