ISLAMOPHOBIA in the WestIslamophobia is an attitude of hatred and fear of all things Islamic.

This term is shared by most Westerners, they assume that Islam is Radical.

Actually Islamophobia has existed since the time of prophethood, for example when the Prophet preached derogatory and scorn, there were many hostilities and wars between pagans and Muslims, etc.

During the colonial era, the Dutch were also hostile to Islam because of its many kiyai and santri who continue to fight for and defend the Indonesian nation.

For today many Muslim societies work in foreign countries and one of the factors that lead to negative judgments about Islam is that they are less able to blend in with foreigners because of their cultural differences or habits that can cause disputes and disagreements that give rise to riots and even violence .

The event of a flying plane crash to the WTC (World Trade Center) building in New York on September 11, 2001 adds to the American public's hatred for Islam, as they consider it all behind the Muslim plan. In their view Muslims are like terrorists.

After this incident Muslims in America became the target of violence and hatred, and Islamophobic violence increased five times after this incident.

After this event many Muslim societies in the United States are considering their beliefs, many have finally taken off their headscarves to cover if they are Muslims and they ask how true Islam is, because all Americans claim that Muslims are terrorists. The Muslims there are all shouted at "Go home" by the American community, although some Muslims are genuine Americans. Muslims get special treatment, for example when at Moslem Airport always check and get stamp "SSSS" which means get additional inspection. They are held accountable for the WTC crash, but they do not know anything.

After the events of 9/11 this life of Muslim society in America changed drastically.

And this results in false conceptions of Islam, such as:

They consider that Islam is cruel
Islam is related to terrorism
Islam embraces RadicalismWhereas in fact Muslims are not like that

Islamophobia is not only happening in the West, but in Indonesia it also exists

We as a young generation should not only be a butterfly student (Lecture home), but as dai / pengakwah example are young figures who have been fighting for Islam.

Be strong enough to be unaffected by outside negative effects.

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