Israel can kill Trump if it rejects Zionist interests in the Middle East

Israel can kill Trump if it rejects Zionist interests in the Middle EastIsrael could kill US President Donald Trump as they did against former President John F. Kennedy who rejected Tel Aviv's nuclear program.

The statement was made by US political observer and author Mark Glenn told Press TV on Monday.

Glenn said, a number of mainstream media in the world that is controlled by Zionists so far do not stop attacking Trump. All of that is intended for Trump to follow the interests of Israel in the Middle East (Middle East). If not, then Trump can be killed.

"It's not Russia that makes Trump elected, but the Israelis who wanted to get Hillary Clinton elected, but Israel is now upset because Trump can not be controlled," he said.

A number of major media in America again attacked Trump after he was sworn in as the 45th US president last Friday. The media called the mass of anti-Trump rallies far more than at the time of the 70-year-old's inauguration.

Reports also said the US intelligence community was at loggerheads with Trump on a number of issues, especially allegations Russia intervened in the November 8 presidential election to win Trump.

The day after his inauguration, Trump accused the media of creating a feud between him and the intelligence agency and deliberately underestimating the crowd when he was sworn in.

"It must be remembered that a number of existing power controls in the US are currently controlled by Jews, be they politics, foreign policy, military, economic, and others," Glenn said.

"It all depends on how the media packs news to poison the minds of the American people in order to be controlled and controlled for Jewish interests."

Not only that, Glenn also reaffirmed how the role of Israeli intelligence, Mossad, in a number of major world events to smooth the interests of the Star of David.

"Now it is fitting that everyone is wary of what will happen, for if they fail to influence the minds of the American people to fit their interests, then they will carry out Plan B, that is, to create some of the great and dramatic events of 11 September as the Mossad during this time, including acts of terrorism and war, "said Glenn."That's what they do if their plans fail to take advantage of mainstream media, they start creating big events and kill people like they do with John F. Kennedy because he's against Israel's desire to have nuclear weapons," Glenn said.


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