Issues of Climate Change and LGBT Unseen from The White House Page

Issues of Climate Change and LGBT Unseen from The White House PageWashington, DC – Just like the change of power between President Barack Obama to Donald Trump, the White House is working out. There were staff who left, replaced with new ones.

No exception official account twitter United States President @POTUS which has been held by Barack Obama, after the inauguration diverted to Donald Trump.

Even so with other government pages. Includes The White House.

In the last few hours after Trump's inauguration, The White House has undergone a transition. But the change is questionable, following some "keywords" missing from the site.

Quoted from on Monday (23/01/2017), words like 'LGBT', 'healt care', or 'climate change', are reportedly not listed on the White House's official website.

These keywords will be replaced later with the title "America First Energy Plan", "America First Foreign Policy" and "Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community".

Is this the image of the new government under Donald Trump?

The disappearance of the words was immediately addressed by actor George Takei by writing on his Twitter, "The White House page removes the webpage issues of climate change, health, civil rights, and LGBT.

Social media users cynically responded to the loss of an important issue that for 8 years was overseen by the Obama administration.

However, the 'disappearance' issue was not caused by the Trump government.

It's based on a search from the site (search page whether news or hoax photo or not).According to the Obama administration has issued an announcement a few days ago about a transition during Trump's inauguration.

The announcement says's content will be moved to, where all uploads during Obama's term are on the site. Even so with Obama's digital archive on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The site explains where to look.

The filing process is in line with the overall digital transition between the two leaders.

On Twitter, for example, all of Obama's tweets in the @POTUS account have now been moved to account @ POTUS44, where the contents of the account are cleared for Trump to use.

When checks @ POTUS44 all of Obama's archives have been stored well. His followers (on @POTUS account) automatically also follow the latest Obama account.

The 44th US President has already twittered in the account.

Meanwhile, it is technically true that terms such as LGBT and climate change are absent from the White House website now, however, it is not the Trump government that removes it.

However, this issue still needs to be considered whether the White House's true page under Trump will not contain the two issues even though the digital transition has been completed.

Let's wait.

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