It looks like Ordinary, but this powder can be recessed to end the world hunger problem. Magical!

It looks likeTechnology makes a lot of seemingly impossible things possible. One of the new innovations you should know is the revolutionary breakthrough in this world of food. We all know, the food we eat is produced it must have come from agricultural or livestock. But some Finnish scientists managed to make nutritious food without having to be planted or raised. They create tools that can convert water, carbon dioxide, and microbes into food powders that are both filling.

He said this technology can be used as a solution to overcome the problem of hunger that still many countries in the world. According to the United Nations, about 1 in 9 people or about 795 million people in the world are still hit by hunger. Well good news for all of us dong! Let's see more info with Hipwee News & Feature!

This technology is called Food From Electricity, which converts a number of components into high-protein powders and carbohydrates with electricity

A group of researchers from Finland has developed a bioreactor technology that is pointed to be a fresh breeze in the food industry. This project is a collaboration between Lappeenranta University of Technology and the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. Food From Electricity, the name of the project in question, is considered 10 times more effective than the photosynthesis process that occurs in plants. The product produced through the tool is a powder containing more than 50% protein and 25% carbohydrates. With these ingredients, of course, this powder is the same as filling with the food that we eat everyday.

The components needed to produce this powder are only water, carbon dioxide, and a number of microbes. The materials are then electrified so that the chemical decay (electrolysis) occurs in the bioreactor. Electricity becomes an important component in this technology. Thus, to produce food no longer needs to regulate moisture, temperature, or soil quality.

Powder that glance looks ordinary this, staying digadang can be a solution to cope with hunger especially in areas with low soil fertility quality

Nowadays when fast food and mini market restaurants are mushrooming everywhere, it's hard to imagine that starvation still threatens 795 million people in the world. Including Indonesians living in big cities, may not realize that the problem of Indonesian hunger is serious. Especially in African countries that are clearly dried up, hunger and malnutrition are so terrible scourges that cut the life expectancy there significantly.

Well, Food From Electricity is considered a reasonable solution to the problem. Especially in the African continent which generally have problems of soil fertility and lack of water.

In addition to addressing the problem of hunger, this technology is also able to help reduce climate change due to farming or agricultural activities

Did you know that greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming one of them come from the factory industry? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the industry is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gases, including the food industry, at 19%. Just imagine, to be able to support agriculture or livestock, people will need food for their cattle or crops. The food itself is made by the factory. Plant activities that can affect the environmental conditions, such as increasing global warming.

Now with Food From Electricity, the demand for food can be reduced because to be able to produce human food, livestock or farming is no longer needed.Unfortunately, this technology is still in the development stage and far from perfect. He said it took at least 10 years to be really used public

Scientists in this project claimed to continue to develop Food From Electricity because they think the tool has not been effectively. Their bioreactor systems still spend at least 2 weeks to produce 1 gram of protein. Juha-Pekka Pitknen, chief scientist at VTT, said that his team is currently focused on developing the reactor concept, improving efficiency, and control processes. At least they take about 10 years before this technology is actually traded to the public.

They also say if commercialization of bioreactors is also influenced by the condition of the world economy. Yes, hopefully the main purpose of the development of this technology can really be realized yes though not sure when ..

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