It’s a List of Plants in a Suitable Space Feng Shui

It's a List of Plants in a Suitable Space Feng, Jakarta Plant life is often selected as a sweetener interior design items. In addition to providing many benefits to health, plants that live in the house also have a certain influence in feng shui.

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According to the rules of feng shui, there are several types of plants that are believed to give positive and negative energy effects. And it is of course also related to the location of the laying and the type of plants selected.

The use of plants also contains important elements that provide a balanced flow of chi or positive energy for a room. But the important thing, you can take care of the plant well and placed in a strategic bagua position.

And to find out what kind of appropriate plants based on feng shui, see the explanation quoted from below.

Good Feng Shui Plant

There are two categories of feng shui plants that are believed to have a positive effect:

Useful plants purify the air, this is related to the positive energy generated from the room with clean air and quality. There are several types that you can choose, such as boston fern.
Traditional feng shui money plant. Known as the money plant or money tree, for example bamboo ornamental.

Bad Feng Shui Plant

Being nicknamed bad because this plant seen from its shape can bring negative energy into the house. Seductive plants such as cacti can be classic examples because of their sharp surface texture.

Meanwhile, the plant tongue-in-law or snake plant is also often considered a bad feng shui plant. Although sharp, tongue-in-law plants have the benefit to purify the air. So not all plants with a sharp leaf shape give a bad influence.(Also see: Choice of apartments priced below Rp300 million)

Plant Placement Position

The best area for putting plants in a room is in a bagua area that is identical to wood elements. For example the direction of the wind: east, south and southeast. The point is believed to have a very good feng shui effect if decorated with live plants.

While the northern area should be avoided to put the plant because it can weaken due to too dominated by wood elements. In order not to get bored, you can experiment on moving the plants to the right point and nice to see.

In addition, of course care well with the plants so they can give a touch of harmony in the room and give a positive feng shui influence.

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