It’s a South Korean Special Gift for the Birthday of Pancasila

It's a South Korean Special Gift for the Birthday of, Seoul – The fifth President of Indonesia inaugurated a botanical garden called Megawati Soekarnoputri Garden in the Seigeipo area, in the middle of South Korea's Jeju Island. The botanical garden according to Megawati is a beautiful gift Jeju citizens to Indonesia ahead of the birthday celebration of Pancasila.

Surrounded by a fairly dense forest, Megawati Botanical Gardens was inaugurated Wednesday, May 31, 2017. The inauguration was conducted by Megawati along with landowner Kim Sung-soo, Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea Umar Hadi, and some officials of Jeju Province.

The garden has an area of ??100 thousand square meters and is in a health resort environment of 240 thousand square meters.

With the contour of this semi-mountain land, Megawati Botanical Garden consists of open fields, walkways, and artificial forest.

In the center there is a tree with red and white flowering. The tree was planted by Megawati in March 2013 with former Minister of Marine Affairs, Rokhmin Dahuri.

In this location can be found a variety of animals, especially wild chickens and some bird species.

The opening of the land is grateful to Sung-soo. He believes, the botanical garden is the result of the brilliant idea of ??the daughter of the proclaimer RI.

"Thank you Mrs. Megawati for a brilliant idea and support for the concept of the hotel and its environment," Kim Sung-soo said in a press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul.

In his speech, Megawati admitted surprise and honor for naming this botanical garden. According to him, all this happened because between him and Sung-soo there is the same hobby, that is loving nature and plants.

"I always motivate for the development of botanical gardens, because it will become a means of recreation, education, research, and growth of germplasm." In the past Indonesia has only five botanical gardens, but now there are 32 pieces, "he said.

Megawati also reminded that with the existence of global warming, so many forest that easily damaged and the plant so die. All parties are expected to participate in saving the earth and its contents.Megawati first came to this garden in 2013 at Sung-soo's invitation. At that time Mega is very interested in the concept of a garden full of flowers and a variety of very dense plants.

He then gave a lot of feedback on the concept of the environment being built. In fact, at that time Megawati wanted to have or build a garden like in Indonesia.

Seeing such a high interest, Sung-soo agrees to name the botanical garden by the name of Megawati Garden or Megawati Jongwon. The inauguration has been planned several times, but has not found the right momentum.

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