It’s American

It's AmericanEveryone has experienced how to live a full-time capitalist life. Capitalists in all the joints of life both in the field of education, economics, social, political, cultural and sports. If mankind understands how the pattern of life that has been taught by Alloh Swt through Prophet Muhammad Saw then nothing will be in disadvantage. Living in accordance with the sunna Rosululloh very relevant applied by modern society which is all sophisticated at this time.

The function of the American dollar has made the world's economy only in America's grasp. I wish the world one currency. We do not need rupiah, ringgit, real, yen, yuan or any currency is not important at all. The most important is the currency of the same value throughout the world. If in the world there is only one currency then every country will compete in terms of goods quality and quantity of goods. Trade will be more competitive.

Americans simply carry dollars to the rest of the world and they can buy anything with the picture paper. 1,000 US dollars when rupiahkan equivalent to 9,000,000 rupiah in Indonesia. If 1.000 rupiah is brought to America nothing is. Though the number is equal 1,000. Herein lies the American injustice to the world.

Asia rich with Natural Resources (SDA) is dredged for the benefit of one country only. They are very indifferent to the world's people who only eat for a bite, have to beg and even look in the garbage can. May we become more and more aware that no matter how hard we work for many years there will be no effect if the value of the currency acquired falls and falls again.

A civil servant in Indonesia always gets a salary increase every year. But what happens if before the salary increases the price of goods has been raised. If a civil servant receives a monthly salary of Rp 1,000,000, – in 2012 and then rose 10% in the month of 2013, the 10% increase is not so influential on the welfare of civil servants. Because at the time of Idul Fitri holidays, Eid adha, Christmas and New year. Both primary and secondary goods tend to rise.

If the currencies in the prevailing world of gold and silver like binzantine or Roman times. Every item gets the standard of gold or silver. then there will be justice there. As rich as any Indonesian nation if the value of its weak currency remains poor systematically.

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