It’s How to Block the Forest Pig Pigs

It's How to Block the Forest Pig Pigs [/ caption]

Wild boar (Sus scrofa) is one of the pests is quite troublesome farmers. Animals that live in the bush and forest, often menyatroni farmers fields at night. Tuber crops and other crops are targeted by wild boar attacks. As a result, farmers often experience crop failure.

Instead of crop failures, farmers tend to choose to plant their fields with perennials. Many farmers who claim to lose against wild boar attacks. In fact, young crops and crops are an important source of income that can support their daily economy.

In order not to be said to lose this pest, some farmers form a group of wild boar hunters. They named the group with the abbreviation of the UN, the union of pigs. The equipment used is quite simple, such as various sharp objects, including spears and machetes, plus a hunting dog.

Usually, UN members in Aceh Tengah pass wild boar hunting once a month. They chose the first Sunday as a hunting day. Actually, hunting is not an easy job. They have to climb up and down the mountain, into the forest out of the forest. The work is quite tiring. Not infrequently, hunters failed to paralyze wild boars, even attacked back by game animals.

Some farmers end up saturated hunting wild boar in that way. Then, they prefer to put a trap or poison. However, the easy way is less effective because wild boars are aware of poison and snares. The pests that often clustered often escape from snares or poison. As a result, the crops of the peasants remained crushed by the boar.

Sunday morning (12/1/2014), I met a farmer named Mr. Iko (68). He is preparing to sell dozens of kilograms of cassava to Paya Ilang Farmer's Market, Takengon. I know that Iko's field is in Merie Satu Bener Meriah regency known as the most pest area of ??pigs. The question is, why Iko can harvest cassava there?

Over and over again he said that the cassava was harvested from his field in Merie Satu. I had already accused Mr. Iko of practicing a certain program so that the boar did not dare to damage his cassava plants. Mr. Iko insisted that he did not use any art.

Once pressed, finally Pak Iko tell his tips to overcome pig pigs. The tips are simple, cheap and easy. Buy a mixture of 1 kg sack and one small plastic camphor. Mashed camphor into flour. Stir the camphor powder with paste until fused.

After the two elements merge, round off the ping pong ball. The spheres are wrapped in a black cloth [must be a black cloth, no bright colored fabric]. Then, the dough that had been wrapped in black cloth was hung with a black rope cord in the field.

The height of the hanger is the equivalent of a boar's mouth [about 30 cm from the ground level]. Priority is placed on the path of a wild boar. The smell of lime plus shrimp paste will discourage the wild boar intake into our fields. Especially in the rainy season, the smell is more stinging, said Mr. Iko.Why? I also do not know, said Mr. Iko. Perhaps because the smell of both elements is very disturbing the nerves of wild boar. Or, said Pak Iko, the smell of mothballs added shrimp like a tiger smell that makes pigs shy away from that location. What is clear, Mr. Iko only continue the tradition of dispelling the pigs practiced by his parents.

Want to try? Please follow the way Mr. Iko dispels the pigs. Easy, cheap and effective. Good luck!

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