It’s How To Bring Clean Air In The Home

It's How To Bring Clean Air In The, Jakarta Today's lifestyle trends are so attached to a quality lifestyle. Not only paying attention to environmental sustainability, but also the quality of life is good.

The house became the first place to be considered when trying to improve the quality of health. A number of consumers who want to buy a new home also began to notice this as one of the considerations.

Starting from the design of the house with voids and a safe ladder, up to the shelter and rain water recycling.

In addition to some healthy home requirements that are in line with the standards of the health service, clean air becomes the thing you need to pay attention to. Well to make a house with clean air quality, note the four things below, quoted from

Pay attention to air circulation

To make the air circulation inside the house more smoothly, pay attention to ventilation or air holes in your home.

Some developers have also begun to adapt the design of the house with voids or empty spaces between the upper and lower floors. Such as Belle Fille Town house and Pearl Bintaro.

For damp and minimal ventilation like bathrooms and warehouses, it's a good idea to use exhaust-fan so that the humid air can be sucked out of the room.

Toxic Furnishings

Clean air will greatly affect the health quality of its inhabitants. In the interior area, it turns out clean air can also be created by choosing the right furniture materials. Such as floor products, furniture, fabrics and glue you use.

To make sure the products you choose are environmentally friendly and safe for children, consider the chemical content that is in them.Choose an environmentally friendly paint that has a low VOC content. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can cause headache, nausea, sore throat, and irritation of the eyes.

New furniture such as carpets and furniture usually contain VOCs. Before use, you should be new furniture and carpets opened and dried in advance all day outdoors.

Diligently cleaning the house

Using air conditioning in the dry season will greatly work to remove air pollution. AC with purrifier can filter out harmful particles.

But do not forget to regularly clean the air conditioning device, refrigerator or water purifier at least two months.

You should also diligently clean up other sources of allergies. Such as curtains, blankets, towels, tablecloths and cloths to keep the house free of dust.

Green house healthy house

The beautiful environment has a direct impact on the health of the residence. To that end, a number of housing generally provide the remaining land for the green area about 40 percent.

Make the most of the green area in the home area by planting a shade tree that leaves quite thick and wide.

Trees are natural air filters while functioning as a supply of fresh oxygen.

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