It’s just Arek-Arek Suroboyo Who’s Experiencing Life’s Struggle Like This!

It's just Arek-Arek

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Hipwee once wrote about the life of East Java arek-arek, so why this time we do not focus on the population of Surabaya, the capital? Arek-arek Suroboyo must have a myriad of unique and fascinating stories about their lives!

In this article, Hipwee has summarized the answers from Suroboyo's artifacts directly about the exciting side of their lives. How does it feel to be Suroboyo's arek-arek? What is the response of others when you first hear your hometown? Do not have long deh, just read aja yuk rek!

1. Your origin is instantly known from your accent. Medhoknya Arek Suroboyo is really really deh!

We as East Javanese have a different Javanese accent from other Javanese. So wherever we are, if denger people with a medhok accent typical Java Timuran, would immediately think Hmm .. Suroboyo iki

Yuli, 22, Jakarta

East Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta may both speak Javanese, but the name of the area must have different language and dialect characteristics. Let alone with Central Java or Yogyakarta, which equally from East Java wrote can be different accent and accent the language.

Suroboyoan accent is the most identical accent with East Java. If you want to know how easy it is to distinguish between the Java language ala Suroboyoan and Central Java or Jogja, pay attention from the word greeting it!

Yogya: Cah-cah Jogja (Children of Jogja)

Surabaya: Arek-arek Suroboyo (Surabaya children)

2. But because of your Suroboyoan's accent, you are often said to be rude and flippant!

Dianggep rough. Emang is my hoarse speech, but my heart is Hello KittyFitria Handayani Meilanasari, 25, Surabaya

Suroboyo original person if you like nyeplos!

Mochamad Nurchasan, 19, Surabaya

Java language is always identified with a polite language, smooth, calm, and slowly like Princess Solo. And yes, too. The proof arek Suroboyo if talking ceplas-ceplos, fast, loud, and (sounds) rough.

Not infrequently you become often spelled Javanese rough because of the way you speak ceplas-ceplos. Though not necessarily indeed you are rude person!

Arek Suroboyo can also speak fine Javanese. Just like other regional languages, there are rough and smooth. If again gathering with friends must be the language used that is rough, but if you've talked to an older person, definitely know yourself using Javanese fine language!

3. There is one word that can represent dozens of emotions you have: JANCUK!

Each time ngeluarin original pearl words Suroboyo, like jancuk, nyemen temen pake cuk, dikirain nantang. Though joking.

Theresia, 20, Surabaya

Everyday denger Cak-coknya Suroboyo braayyy woohhoo already jd everyday ..

Lithania Intan, 19, SurabayaDo not be surprised with this magic word. For the arek-arek Suroboyo, the jancuk has thousands of meanings!

Call friends = Woy cuk let me look my yo maku-mlaku nang TP!

Joke = Jiancuk. ndagel ae koen rek! Ojo ngguyu ae koen!

Angry = Arek iku pancen jancuk!

Berantem = Ojo mlayu koen, cuk! mrene lek wani let's gasakan karo me!

Happy = Cuk cuk Arek wedok iku ayune not rekuat rek!

Yes .. The jancuk has many meanings for Suroboyo's arek-arek. From sad, angry to happy even if it does not afdol if not mention Jancuk word. If you want to interpret the meaning behind the spoken word jukuk on the mouth Arek Suroboyo, whether jancuk positive or negative jancuk, you must see the facial expression and intonation of his voice.

So do not judge the bad judgment of jancuk, because jancuk can indeed mean ugly, can also be a symbol of brotherhood / friendship for Arek-arek Suroboyo!

4. The problems of all Javanese are the same: medhok and ndeso. Especially if you used to talk poo, opoo, se, tah, a la ala Suroboyo.

Often I am told that I am medok. People say, I'm mad and really ndeso when I say opoo? Iyo a? (meaning: why? is it?).

Nita Felianda, 21, YogyakartaThe most strange word for others is poo.

Muhammad Alif Hamonangan, 18, Surabaya

How not to medhok? His name is also the local language from childhood already familiar on the tongue. But for people who are unfamiliar with Suroboyoan, there are some words or affixes that sound very ludicrous in their ears, namely: poo, opoo, se, tah, and a.

Opoo seh rek karo bosoku? (Why the hell with my language?)

Why, let's see? Mosok seh? (Lho, huh, huh?) Anyway?

Your crew is gripping me? (you do not come with me?)

Heh koen, tangio diluk poo! (heh you, wake up for a while why!)

Even Jogja or Semarang people who both speak Javanese can feel strange to hear these words. In fact, these affixes words are so characteristic of the Suroboyoan language accent!

5. Arek Suroboyo is also hooked ngelawak, you know! They are much funnier than a joke on TV!

The Suroboyoan Guyonan is cute. Though it sounds rude, but it's funny. Just do not belong to the heart ..

Nia, 25, YogyakartaNot just Urang Sunda is good at jest. Arek-arek Suroboyo also has a very high side of humor. Although the humor sounds harsh, but that's how characteristic of Suroboyoan jokes, the language is rough and unceremonious. In every conversation it is often inserted with harsh but funny words such as:

Arek Suroboyo if you call the term a lot = taek ndayak

Walah .. sing numpak sepur sak taek ndayak!

(Walah .. who took the train very much)

If you have not met friends for a long time

Koen nang endi ae rek? Wes suwi not meet! Jek urip tah koen? No kiro wes 100 dinoan!

(Where have you been? Do not meet me for a long time! Still live? I think I've 100 daily!)

If again there is a handsome guy or a beautiful girl

Mbook mbokk mbookk .. arek iku ngguuuuantenge rek! Bapake mbien sunate nang endi iku?

(Beuhh that guy is very handsome! His father used to circumcise where tuh?

Jancuk .. arek wedok iku ayune rek, mentolo no gowo moleh ae!(Crazy girl is so pretty, so want to take it home aja deh!)

6. Chat with friends from Jogja or Central Java is not rare to be seasoned misunderstandings

Arek Suroboyo: your job wis mari? (Your job is over?)

Wong Jogja: hey, let's call it. duty work ora lara. (Hey, the duty gets better, the job does not hurt)

Arek Suroboyo: * ndongkol *

Mahy, 20, Malang

Yes .. that's about when arek Suroboyo met Wong Jogja. Equally Javanese, not necessarily the same all. There are many Javanese vocabulary of Timuran and Central Java which are very different meanings. In the above conversation, for arek Suroboyo, wis let's mean it is finished, whereas for Wong Jogja, wis let's mean it is finished sick.

Because of the differences that sometimes often misunderstandings. But the misunderstanding of events like that experienced by the reader is actually just so unique and funny things! Indeed yes, Indonesia is rich in language and buadaya!

7. As long as people know you Arek Suroboyo, you will surely be mistaken for MANIK!

If the acquaintance so fit I answered the original Surabaya must be considered bonek. Though though I arek Suroboyo, I do not ever follow-bonek bonan.

Fitria Handayani Meilanasari, 25, SurabayaArek Suroboyo must have been mistaken for his loyal supporters of Persebaya ball club, aka Bonek Mania. Every time you meet new people, and he knows you are Surabaya people, somehow you are always considered a hard-liner. Duh rek .. rek .. yok opo iki rek? : p

8. Want to like the ball or not, you will be afraid to use vehicle L plate in the city rivals Persebaya.

Time to migrate to Malang which in fact the city Aremania, often in bully temen-temen. Sampe-sampe if Aremania again there is a match, I dare not go out. Even if you want to go out kosan, kudu ask to pick a friend whose plate is not a plate L.

Rindri Andewi Gati, 21, Surabaya

Not only have to accept bonek, but you also have to be patient as you wander into the city that became eternal rival Persebaya, namely Malang which became the headquarters club Aremania. You must be willing to go without using a motorcycle or private car that uses license plate Surabaya.

9. When wandering, you hope your friends will ask what is beautiful from Surabaya. Eeeh they even asked: Your house next to Gang Dolly mananya?

Almost all the friends who know my origin must ask, where is your house Dolly? Sewot right, so I said aja: Back home there is a way through to Dolly, why? Want to stop by?

Rindri Andewi Gati, 21, Surabaya

Surabaya is the City of Heroes, but why do other people even frequent the location of the Dolly alley?!?!?! Yes, but can not be denied anyway if in Surabaya there was the largest prostitution place in Southeast Asia. Although it is now closed, its name is still legend ~

10. Surabaya is not much different from Jakarta. Big city, stuck, and puaaaanas rek!

Heat is not able to nahan. Especially fit in the street. Hot enough, got stuck again. Smoke-smoke exhaust vehicle so one with sweat on the body. Perfume one cara can not ngilangin smell kringat plus exhaust fumes. Ha ha ha..Teguh Sastra, 25, Surabaya

As the 2nd largest city, Surabaya also includes a densely populated metropolitan city. The capital of East Java is also experiencing the same problems with Jakarta, which is stuck! About the air, because it is also located on the coast, making the city of Surabaya has hot weather and blazing sunshine! Hot and hot iku lho rek .. not nguati!

11. In Surabaya not many natural attractions. But if ngomongin mal, do not ask again ..

If you want to walk the mall only, which is comfortable and not hot. If you want a natural must travel to Malang.

Bayu, 26, Solo

Yes .. In Surabaya is not many natural attractions that can be visited. If you want to walk with friends or family yes to the Mall aja .. If you want to search for natural attractions, the most closest city that can be visited is the city of Malang. Eh .. but that does not mean there are no natural attractions at all you know! Now in Surabaya there are natural attractions of mangrove forest!

12. Arek Suroboyo does not like the same name hanging out. Make the most cool it's cangkrukan!

Culture cangkruk in warkop.

Coy, 25, Surabaya

Although not the original Suroboyo, it seems to have become part of this Crocodile City because six years living here. Sukaya, here is complete, the city is clean, the person yo nyantai-nyantai delicious cangkrukan invited.

Benny, 23, SurabayIf people like Jakarta hang out, wong Jogja like angkringan, arob Suroboyo ya cangkrukan! This cangkruk activity is a gathering activity together with co-conco. Cangkruk can be done anywhere, as long as gather together with friends. Want in a coffee shop, street stalls tent, or on the terrace of a friend's own house was not a problem.

Kongkow a la arek Suroboyo can be regarded as a hereditary culture that is still sustainable until now. Although now Surabaya has transformed into a big and densely populated city, this cangkruk culture is still being done by Suroboyo arek-arek. Cangkruk is not just a cluster-gathering is not clear, but also while maintaining friendship and solidarity with friends!

13. Not inferior to the cuisine of Sumatra, Suroboyo special food also uenak!

Sukaya so arek Suroboyo is able to eat rawon rice that uenak tenan, fried duck same pecel catfish that taste maknyusss. I arek Suroboyo !!

Marlina, 22, Jakarta

Suroboyo there is no culinary death that you know, top bgt poool of all kinds of penyetan, rujak cingur, lontong racing, sampe foods that make people say jan * uk hahaha

Anies, 24, Surabaya

The most famous typical food in Surabaya is rawon! But make no mistake, not just rawon aja lho the typical food mainstay of Surabaya. There are still many more, such as clover, rujak cingur, lontong racing, tofu tek, dll. Wes .. pokoke Suroboyo typical food tuh make you want to say:

Jancuk .. delicious puoll reeek! Huehehehehehe

14. Suroboyo is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, still some say that Surabaya is ndeso?

When I first wandered to Bandung, my new friends fit to know I'm a Surabaya person, they think that Surabaya is ndeso. Though Surabaya same Bandung also more gedean Surabaya! StrangeDevi, 22, Bandung

Somehow the Javanese are always associated with things that hick and ndeso. Likewise with Surabaya, which incidentally is the capital of East Java province, and also the second largest city in Indonesia, there are many who think that Surabaya is ndeso!

So the population of one of the largest cities in Indonesia is also a center of trade in Eastern Indonesia. Complete facilities ranging from malls, cafes, and public facilities!

Rindri Andewi Gati, 21, Surabaya

Surabaya is a very modern big city in East Java. Urban development and growth is the most rapid in East Java. City facilities alone is fairly complete. Whatever you need during your stay in Surabaya, you can find it easily! If you have never come to Surabaya, do not say deh Surabaya is ndeso. Guaranteed you will be surprised by the splendor of his city!

15. The face of Surabaya is now more beautiful, clean and orderly. The city is now treating you more graciously.

Many well-appointed gardens in Surabaya. The city is clean and fresh because there are many green plants in the city. Pedestrian way is also good hehe.

Rindri Andewi Gati, 21, Surabaya

Compared to Surabaya 5-7 years ago, this city would have been much different. Once Surabaya is known for its dirty and chaotic city. Now the face of this Hero City has begun to look neat, clean, and orderly.

Almost all the parks in the corner of the city of Surabaya has been maintained so much more beautiful. There is no such thing as a street vendor opening a stall on the pavement of the road, the pavement is now a pedestrian line in accordance with its function. Kali Mas, once famous for being dirty and full of garbage, is now completely free of garbage! Now the city of Surabaya has started to beautify itself, and certainly become more humane!

Tuh, although Suroboyo's arek-arek hard and rough, does not mean they do not want to be arranged and arranged. The proof, Suroboyo arek-arek arek can make and keep its own city into a city that is comfortable for their own.16. Arek Suroboyo was very respectful and in love with his own leader. They are proud of their City Guardians!

Proud to have a superwoman mayor like Mrs. Risma, who is firm but simple. Indonesia needs a leader like him.

Imer Agustin, 20, Surabaya

Arek-arek Suroboyo should be proud of their leader, Tri Rismaharini's mother. Surabaya's strong and mighty Mayor succeeded in making Surabaya a beautiful and well-regulated city. Not only a matter of urban planning alone, he very menomukan united interests of the people.

Since Surabaya led by him, Surabaya became one of the best cities in Indonesia. Because of his services, Arek-arek Suroboyo loves and respects his leader. Who is not proud to have a superwoman mayor like him?

17. Surabaya also has a myriad of achievements. Many national and international level awards are successfully disabet your city!

Proud, because the City Government of Surabaya itself get several national and international awards related to the success of arranging the city.

Rindri Andewi Gati, 21, Surabaya

Under the leadership of Mrs. Tri Rismaharini, Surabaya is truly transformed into an amazing city. Many awards are successfully won by the City of Heroes, both nationally and internationally.

Some of these are international awards as City of Future in the Soccers Award 2014 in London. Surabaya also successfully won the ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable City Award, due to its success in the best sustainable environmental arrangement.

18. Surabaya is also a city that is still human. The cost of living here is very affordable for megapolitan city size.Make the cost of daily living quite affordable lahhh 🙂

Nurul, 19, Surabaya

Although bearing as the second largest city after DKI Jakarta, does not necessarily make the city of Surabaya is the most expensive city after Jakarta as well. The cost of living in Surabaya is more affordable and comfortable in the pockets than in other provincial capitals, you know! If you do not believe it, may deh compare yourself, monggo stop by to Suroboyo!

19. Living in Suroboyo makes you learn to be a tolerant person. Many immigrants, but you can still live side by side!

The number of immigrants like from Madura, Papua, there is also from Ambon and some other Javanese population that increasingly enliven the color of the Surabaya residents. That is a story about the City of Crocodiles!

Syanaz Eza, 20, Surabaya

As a big city and trade center of eastern Indonesia region, many immigrants from various ethnic, regional, tribal, and culture live in Surabaya. Starting from ethnic Chinese, Arabic, Madurese, Papuan, Ambon .. all coexist with tolerance.

20. The way they talk is really flush, but that does not mean Arek Suroboyo is a rude person!

Although the people of Surabaya talks are rude, the heart is the same behavior good loh. They prefer to the point rather than stale.

Indra, 24, Batam

Although not the original Arek Suroboyo, I feel the Suroboyo people are friendly.D.W.A, 19. Mojokerto

The notion that Arek Suroboyo is a rough and tough Javanese must be a daily diet for you. You are often said to be rude and disrespectful just because you speak that ceplas-ceplos, fast, and often say the word jancuk.

But the negative stereotypes about Arek-arek Suroboyo are like the proverbials do not know then no love, before other people know you well they will not know that behind your harsh, rough, and ceplos characters are the hospitality and kindness that man should be.

You have no problem with that harsh and harsh assumption, because that is your character as Arek Suroboyo! Only Suroboyo's arek-arek can make a word of swearing a unifying tool for others. Arek-arek Suroboyo what do I do? (arek-arek Surabaya is all right!)

21. You do not care about being rough or hard. Most importantly, with your harsh nature, you become a brave and assertive Arek Suroboyo!

Suroboyo is famous for its wani, Suroboyo keep arek high solidarity. Thats what I like.

Fitria Handayani Meilanasari, 25, Surabaya

Your character as a hard Sroboyo Arek-arek is ingrained to form your character as brave, firm, skillful, and unyielding young men. The spirit of the youth of Surabaya in the colonial era you continue to maintain until now.

Arek Suroboyo was hard and brave. Not brave because they are bonek, but they dare to make a better change. You do not care about the rough labels that stick to you. You are not a rude person, but you are brave, tough, and passionate young men!

Nek I arek Suroboyo, koen kate lapo? : p

Yes. Indonesia does have a variety of ethnic, ethnic, and cultural. This article does not mean to compartmentalize certain ethnic or ethnic groups. Hopefully this article can add our insight about the life of our brothers in Indonesia yes!

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